Pharmaton Unleashes Five MVPs

With the leading multivitamins and minerals supplement Pharmaton comes a first of its kind endurance race that the country hasn’t seen before – The Phramaton MVP Unleashed Challenge.

A restaurateur, Anthony Cuerpo, a human resource practitioner, TJ Isla, a full-time dentist, Benson “Chock” Martinez, a full-time mom and fitness instructor, Popo Remigio and a late-bloomer athlete, Monica Torres are the five MVPs who will undergo the month-long race from the south of the Philippines way up to the north.

I got a chance to meet them during the blogcon that Pharmaton prepared last Thrusday at Grilla Bar and Restaurant in Makati City.

During the blogcon, each of them introduced themselves and shared some fun facts and how are they preparing for the said competition.

We had a good laugh with Doc Chock who’s been the clown/model of Pharmaton that night. TJ gave some inspiring thoughts, Anthony who’s been so serious all night, I think, will give a  good fight on this competition, Popo, who was with her daughter, was very admirable and Monica, whom I think has a great chance of winning showed her witty side with her side comments.

The five MVPs are good friends, so I think this competition will be a tough one, Plus, since they are somehow aware of each other’s capability and strength, they simply know how to beat or outlast one another - kinda exciting for us viewers to catch.  ^_^

It was a fun night, really. And I didn’t expect anything like that from them that night. I think it just goes to show that having a great time with what you are doing, how you do it and with who you are doing it can make one’s life more meaningful and happy.

Good luck to Anthony, TJ, Doc Chock, Popo and Monica! May the best athlete win!
And all the best to Pharmaton for bringing an exciting and challenging competition to our Filipino athletes!

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