What if there's an ALTERnative?

Every time I heard the term "online games", not a thing, an event or place comes in to my mind... But my pretty, intelligent and lovely nieces. Nicole is now on her 5th grade, while Nickaella is on her 1st grade. Both are doing great in school and both are so much into online gaming.

I think this is just a proof what kind of children we have nowadays. They are so intelligent that even the wisest thing man invented, they can easily cope up with it. And they learned it without a sweat! Ha!

I've never addicted to onlines games - EVER. Though, lately, I'm admitting that I'm into Angry Birds - a game that I cannot resist to play even if I'm at work. Haha! I find 'them so cute to play with that's why I'm so hooked into it. As for my nieces, I think they've already played the games the I installed in my laptop, even without me teaching them how to. Kids nowadys - INCREDIBLE! They played Plants vs Zombies, Zuma, even my favourite Angry Birds and they even know a website where these oline games can be found! Ha!

And just recently, to our family's shock, both of them now a Facebook accounts! Waaah! I mean, real Facebooks accounts with pictures and all! O.O

I'm honestly alarmed when I saw their "Friend Requests" to me. And so, from then on, they are now being monitored every time their hands landed on my laptop. Bwahaha! I mean, you can't blame me, Facebook is a very effective social media tool, it has a lot of great stuff to share, but we should also not forget that it has also a lot of crazy and scary stuff. And having kids like Nicole and Nickaella, who, again, are doing great in their school... I'm just afraid that it might ruin their lives in a very simple yet drastic way.

But if there's probably one thing that I will allow them check on their Facebook accounts, that is if i can see them checking only the good stuff.

Lucky them, they have an uncle who's a blogger (ehem-ehem) whom he thinks that he can now let his nieces play online games on Facebook even without us, adults gurading them. And it is all because of the unbelievable dedication and incredible geekness of the people of Aboitiz Power through the first-ever, Filipino-made interactive social game, which I think is the greenest and most Earth-friendly game in the world of Facebook.

So, parents, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, neighbors, cousins or even grandparents who are so deeply hooked into Facebook, may I share to all of you Alter Space.

Alter Space is the first online games on Facebook that directly addresses the greater public about the ways with which they could do their share in proactively contributing to the preservation of the Earth's resources.

I've tried and currently enoying playing this one. It's like the Pinoy Facebook version of "Tamagotchi", but here, we have humans. I know younger generation would have to Google this one, while the generation above me would just scratch their heads after hearing this, but I'm sure that the people on my "young and sweet' age range would definitely smile and agree with me once they started going to this application and started creating their own planet.

The graphics were simple, yet you can feel the Filipinoism in it. The idea was hilariously good! I mean, who could've thought a game with "Tapsilogan" in it? I think, this is one simple game that will make a great news this 2011. And I hope that those people who REALLY care to the environment will not just go to this application on Facebook and play it BUT will also share to their young ones, cousins, children, nieces, students and even neighbors the outstanding lesson that one can get from this Earth-loving online game.

 Endorser Alodia Gosiengfiao

Endroser Azkals' Anton del Rosario

BTW, my planet's name is gALEXy. Yoru know, galaxy but just a planet with ALEX. ^_^

Our future genneration is the light of our life. If they don't bother to take good care of the remaining beauty of this planet, for sure, they'd be missing a lot.

The beautiful green lands:

The breathtaking views:

These very attractive flowers:

The wonderful dishes:

And get to enjoy fun outdoor activities:

Don't worry, if you think that this game will take a lot of time of their lives - it's not. It only has five levels that will surely teach them Filipino lessons, trivias and most especially conserving carbon footprints that making this planet ugly.

Are we just gonna be just like this bird, which is caged and can't do anything to make it's life more meaningful? Or are we ready building our future to give our future generation a beautiful and fruitful days ahead?

Playing this game wouldn't be giving a big step to leap our planet from its destruction that its facing now, but I KNOW that by playing this game and learning the amazing lessons that it wanna share to EVERYBODY, this ALTERnative SPACE in the huge world of world wide web -baby step as it may seem - can make a better world.

It's time to heal our world, don't you think?
And I know that we all know that there's an alternative way of creating and making this blue and green ball called Planet Earth to be the only place where the Creator has put all his LOVE and CARE.

Act now! Please share this!
This is the middle child, recycling his thoughts! :-)

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