The Blued Project

It was some 19 years ago when a group of business management students came up with a thesis that soon became a brand that embodies the simple, fuss-free and cool life of college years.

I remember when I was in college, since we were required to wear uniform on weekdays, we were kinda deprived from wearing the kind of clothes we wanna wear. But come the wash day, you’ll be amazed by how we all dressed up and get ourselves all dolled up for the fun and colorful day that awaits us. 

And last November 30, I got an up-close encounter to our country’s future stylepreneurs as Blued Clothing launched The Blued Project – an inter-university competition of stylish entrepreneurs.

Hosted by Juddha Paolo, Glorietta 5 was filled with aspiring college students from the metro.

These students will undergo such challenges where in their creativity and analytical thinking will be put into a test.

The winner of this said competition will get an internship position at Blued Clothing and his/her design will be launched for a season to help him/her launch his/her career in  the fashion industry.

It seems that fierceness is in the as these student gets ready to compete to one of the best competition I've heard for college students.

And just like you, I'm kinda excited about the outcome of this game, because in here, again, we're not just talking about creativity... We're talking about the full package here.

I salute Blued Clothing for this awesome idea!
And good luck to all of the contestant!
May the best stylepreneur win!

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