RPG Metanoia – A Must-Watch this Christmas!

One exciting thing about Christmas here in our country, aside from the gifts that we are all so eager to open on the morning of Christmas day, is also the opening day of the movies that are part of the annual Metro Manila Film Festival.

And just like any other kids in the metro, I am so excited to watch the first-ever 3D flick that is brought to us by Ambient Media and Star Cinema - RPG Metanoia.

Star Cinema, being known as one of the best movie providers in our country, took the opportunity and co-produced a historical movie with Ambient Media. I’m saying that this is historical because as I've said this is the first-ever 3D flick that is purely made by Filipino and will be shown in hundreds of cinema in the metro for the MMFF.

And yes, RPG Metanoia is Rated A and Rated GP, which means good for everybody.
RPG Metanoia is a story of a Filipino kid named Nico who is into online games. Nico spent most of his days inside the house, in front of their computer making him a no street smart compared to the other kids in their village. One day, when he tried going out and playing with the other kids, he realized that he’s nobody in the outside world as oppose to the world of online gaming where he was known as one of the strongest opponent.

But as the story continues, Nico managed to pull it through making friends and inspiring the other kids to play with him in Metanoia.

I’ve seen the first-five minutes of this film, and I was really amazed not only with the effects that it has but also to the plot of the story where it gave a real and true Filipino values, which all of the kids must know.

This is really a movie perfect for the whole family all over the world.

I mean, how you could say no to a movie with Zaijian Jaranilla giving an innocent voice to Nico together with his Kapamilya stars Basty Alcances, Jairus Aquino, Aaron Junatas and Mika Dela Cruz. Also giving a life to the other characters are Aga Muhlach for Daddy, Eugene Domingo for Mommy and Vhong Navarro for Cel.

Catch RPG Metanoia this Christmas with your family and feel the wonderful and high-end presentation shared to us by its Director Luis Suarez, Ambient Media and Star Cinema.

Director Luis Suarez

This Christmas, let’s see each other at Metanoia!

You can also take home Metanoia at home with these wonderful items.

Here's a clip of the live performance of the band who sang the theme of this movie. Enjoy!

Mabuhay ang pelikulang Filipino!

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