Ingat Pilipinas with John Lloyd Cruz and Mike Enriquez

I've been a commuter for my whole life, not that I’m complaining about it, but since then when I started learning how to commute from one place to another, I managed to love it and appreciate the good things that it share to me. And since our country is not that wealthy, and commuting via PUJs and PUVs plays a big role to Filipinos’ lives, it is just about time to have this kind of advocacy that really looks into the welfare of our commuting public.

Ingat Pilipinas started last October and as of November, there are about thousands of volunteers who signed up to the Ingat Pilipinas website, which is, a commitment that not just to nourish our minds with the good stuff but also to push ourselves to act as one for the goodness of everybody.

And last November 27, a pledging event was held at the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia, where the biggest public display of supporters of this advocacy paraded their pledges in aiming to have safer and more effective country.

Led by TV Host/Actor John Lloyd Cruz and TV Host/Anchor Mike Enriquez, the public and private organizations such as PNP-HPG (Highway Patrol Group), MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and its sub-agencies the Bureau if Working Conditions (BWC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC), Safety Organizations of the Philippines (SOPI) and Biogesic, the leading headache relief brand, they all pledged to be the witness to each other’s pledge in living a safe life and bounding to each other to fulfil this promise everyday.

It was said the one reason for the tumultuous number of road accident is caused by human error and one of the reason that the driver give out is the reason of not feeling well. With the help of Biogesic, we can all help to eliminate, if not decrease, this huge number of road accidents that happens to our very own streets.

That’s why in this gathering, Biogesic, with the help of government and non-government organizations said above, set up some booths in where guests, advocated and guests can visit to learn more about road safety, traffic rule and regulations, first aid treatment and the likes. Aside from the knowledge that they can from these booths, they also took home some souvenir items.

If you wanna be part of this wonderful activity, just log on to

It’s time for us to act and be responsible. It is time for us to make our whole country reunite and make it an Ingat Nation.

Thank you, Biogesic! God bless to all of us and happy holidays!

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