Jay Park Live in Manila Coverage

Fresh from the outstanding concert of the Rain-slash-Taeyang look alike, Jay Park, I really, really had a great time watching him performed onstage and made all the girls in the crowd go crazy!!! As in crazy! Hahaha!

Actually, I think I’m kinda deaf now from all the shrills and screams in this 2-hour concert which was held at the Hall 4 of SMX, SM Mall of Asia.

Part of the show was an interview to Jay Park where he answered all the questions sincerely.

There was also a part where Art of Movement (AOM) member shared their thoughts through an XOXO Game.

Jay Park together with AOM, his B boy group, performed and made the crowd wild as they strutted, stumbled and tossed themselves up in the air... REALLY FANTASTIC!

But do you know what made the crowd really wild?

It was when Jay Park finally tore his clothes and tossed it in the air! AS IN WILD CROWD!

Well, with his talent, good looks and yummy physique, who wouldn’t go crazy, eh? Hahahaha!

So, here, I’m sharing to you some of the pictures  and a video of his opening number  that I took while enjoying this awesome concert.

Now, I can't help but to be excited about his comeback concert! Wee!

Congrats, Jay Park and AOM!
Til your next trip here in Manila!

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birthingus said...

Simply the best, Jay Park! Now you are a real Solo Artist, jusy keep going for it!