Shopping Galore equals SM Cubao 3-Day Sale!

I’m not a fan of Sale Season, first, because most of the clothes that I like when I did my window shopping are not on sale racks. Second, it’s really hard to shop with a lot of people who seems to be panicking, buying everything… Like, hello?

But, of course, I do have some exceptions… Hehehe.

Especially if that Sale Season happens in SM Malls! Hahaha! Who doesn’t love SM, right? Wee! Shopping Galore equals SM Super Sale, indeed!

And just today, fresh from the shopping escapade that I had at SM Cubao, I had a great time buying some cool stuff for me! And the best part is, I got a great discount at these items, all to achieve the look that I want. Wee!

But before I share to you the pieces that I bought, I’d like to give you a quick tour of the highly improved SM Cubao.

SM Cuabo had been a great part of my childhood, having an aunt who worked in Cubao, she always treated us out and one of the wonderful destinations in the metro during those times was the Araneta Center where one of the upcoming malls back then, SM, is situated. Known as one of the up and coming department store in the metro, SM Cubao, indeed, holds a dear place to my heart because this is where we always bought our “pamasko” back then.

And now that SM Cubao is one of the country’s best shopping destinations, no wonder when I got there today at around 10 in the morning, the place, considering it is huge, was full of people who seem to be buying their holidays stuff this early. Like, whoa!

At first, I thought, I’ll lose the mojos finding the outfit that I want, but when I learned that SM Cubao is giving an additional 10% discount on all items if you are an SM Advantage Card (SMAC) holder, I went gaga and scanned the whole place where the Men’s and Teen’s Wear are. Hahaha! I’m such a shopaholic. Hahaha!

And so, for the shopping experience and the look that I wanna have, here it is.

I love watching TV series, and now that Gossip Girl and Glee are back on its newest season, I think it would be a great idea to add some of this show’s fashion sense in my closet. Thus, I decided to look for a nice outfit without hurting my pocket that much. *wink*

We all know how hard for a guy to buy cheap clothes with a very presentable look, but with SM, I didn’t had any problem about that, because the qualities of their clothes are really good.

For my top, since the weather is kinda cold, I bought this plain white inner garment at Baleno. I’m planning to pair this with some nice pants, but when I saw this nice looking short pants at Human, I changed my plan. Hehehe. There are really a lot of options and choices to choose from at SM Department Store, so you can’t blame, you know. Hehe.

As I strolled around the teen’s section, I saw this awesome GLEE t-shirt, so without any hesitation, I picked it up and put it in my basket. Yeeeeeees! I’m a GLEEk! Glee and Gossip Girl-ish look? Winner!

But do you know what the winning part is? THE PRICES!

Believe it or not, with all the discounts, I spent only Php922.73 for these three items! I saved Php166.52! My God, it’s like winning the lottery! Hahaha!

And now, here's what I look like:

The Php1000.00 budget that I have for this look has still something left for me to buy some snacks and refreshments at SM Supermarket! Wee!

And, as I went straight to the Supermarket, I was amazed to see that the place is as huge as the one in SM Malls. And everything looks and smells really fresh and clean. Love it!

I cannot believe that I made this all early morning plastering a huge smile on my face the whole day. Hahaha!

It was a fun first day of the month getting some great bargains and enjoying the Christmas Holiday as early as October here at SM Cubao’s 3-day sale.

Thank you, SM Cubao!
See you again on your next sale season!
Happy holidays!


the cutest one ^_~ said...

Advance Merry Christmas ba ito from SM? nice! super abang din talaga ako pag sale sila. shopping galore ka ha, in fairness 3 items less than 1k is sooo tipid na talaga. pag ako pumunta jan, i'll beat your score in less than 1k, 4 items sa akin, hahaha! :p

OrangE said...

if i were in manila i would do the same!

cindy boyd said...

Sale din dito sa SM San Lazaro... And I already visited yesterday! It was crazy... :)
Ang gusto ko lang sa SM Super sales is that tinataon nila yung sale pag salary day... It means, for sure marami tayong panggastos... hehe :)
and the schedule, they extend it for like another 3hours for maximu shopping fun!

Hermee said...

I love it!!! more more sale more fun! I just wish their customer service team doesn't have to try too hard, it's SM - what you see is what you get.

Anyway, we had mine a couple of weeks ago at SM MOA, uhm I got a bag from one of the sporting goods store which broke after our camping trip so I asked Chavis to take it back the following week and obviously we all know what happens next.

They did replace my bag after some nosebleed.

Hilarious people!

earthlingorgeous said...

mowdel kung mowdel!

magaganda talaga ang basics ng baleno :)


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