Philippines Welcomes the Colorful World of Ice Watch

I got to attend the press launch of Ice Watch at C3 Events Center in Greenhills, and though I wasn’t expecting much like getting one of those beautiful watches, I still got to enjoy the event as whole.


With sumptuous dinner and romantic ambiance, perfect to neutralize the splash of colors from Ice Watch’ wonderful collections, comes a runway show showcasing all the glitz and glam of the said brand.

They even had a collector’s item commemorating our country’s contribution to arts and style. Nice!

The fashion show was simple and just in its right time, just like Ice Watch. *wink*


What excites the whole room was when the host, RJ Ledesma, announced the start of the auction. With our number cards and play monies, everyone got to giddy aiming for the surprise watch that they wane win.

RJ Ledesma

And AGAIN, though I didn’t get to take home any watch, I was happy to know that some of my blogger-friends won in the auction.

Thank you, Ice Watch!
I do hope I can grab some of you soon!


Anonymous said...

hello,i m interested if you can say me whats the price of one piece of ice watch?thank you

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

I believe original Ice Watch ranges from 10K to 30K, depending on the model/unit. :-)