The Perfume-y Downy

I love doing our grocery and I do it every month. I’m not saying I’m an expert when it comes to choosing which is which  when picking something up in the grocery, but I think I’m very sure I can trust my senses. From the first look of it, the moment I touched it and the time that I put it my grocery cart, I know that I’m choosing the right one. And that’s how I stumbled upon the new Downy - Attraction and Passion.

A day before I got an invite to attend the Downy: A Scent to Remember event at Peninsula Manila in Makati City, I just did our grocery. And since there’s this noise going in blogosphere about certain Attraction and Passion scents, I took the effort of smelling the two bottles colored as red and violet.  Red is for Passion while violet is for Attraction. I’d say I had a hard time choosing which one smells better but one thing I’m sure of, both smells good and smells like woman.

So, as I attended the very elegant event, I was surprised to know that there’s not one flavour induced to this new Downy fabric conditioners but a lot flavours, with S, that can live up to the senses of women.

Attraction by Downy has this floral blend and a hint of Oriental like the Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang and soft musk notes, while the Passion by Downy has this fruity scent of apple blossom, freesia and vanilla.

Present at the event are the Procter & Gamble (P&G) perfumers Hector Esquinca and Shingo Ishil.

Mr. Hector Esquinca

Mr. Shingo Ishil

Hosted by Miss Christine Jacob, everyone was awed to know how P;G came up with this very unique and elegant idea of putting this Perfume Microcapsule (PMC) to these new Downy scents. And what’s funny about this whole event, everything that they gave us, I mean every dish that we had has something to do with the new fragrances of Downy! It was really fun! And oh, even our drinks! Hehehe.

At the end of the day, I’d say that my nose liked the red one more, or the Passion scent. It has this scent that seems to last for a long time. And actually it does. My Ermats is now using the Downy – Passion that I got from the event, and she really adores the scent of it. No wonder she do our laundry E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y! Hahaha!

So, if we are using the regular Downy before, we are now switching to this wonderful smelling Passion by Downy!

Thank, Downy! Thank you for these wonderful scents!
Now, there’s no excuse for us to smell nasty!

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