An Island Rose Farm Visit

Many of us are wondering how can our country produce such wonderful flowers like those from United States and Europe if we have this kind of climate. With all the tremendous heat and outpouring rains, is it really possible for us to receive such wonderful flowers like roses?

Well, the answer is yes. 


I love flowers. I love having them. I love arranging them. And this invitation to visit a rose farm was really something I cannot let slip away.

As I, and some of my fellow bloggers, got a chance to visit the so-far-the-most-high-tech farm I’ve been to in Tagaytay City - the Island Rose Farm - we’ve learned a lot of stuff as we were amazed to witness some amazing earthly gifts that really made our day.

We met the owners Andaya brothers who are both hands on to their business who share their passion and love about these wonderful gifts. The way these guys spoke and answered all our questions; there’s no doubt that their farm is going so well because they really know everything about their farm.

They guided us to a tour in their farm and let us know some of the stuff that only Island Rose Farm has. One, high-tech facility! Cool!

With five thousand rose stems produced and delivered every day, over two million European roses every year, Island Rose Farm houses 12 varieties of roses in 7 astonishing colors.

Island Rose has three red rose variants, the thornless and thick-stemmed Grand Gala with dark red buds, the long straight-stemmed Red Giant that’s abundant with foliage and the Red France which pets are vibrantly red – perfect for Valentines Day and anniversaries.

They also have a peach-colored bud like the Odiana, the salmon-pink rose name Noseblesse and the very light pink bud, Vivaldi, which is perfect for Sweet 16 and Debut parties.

On a brighter side, Island Rose also has the golden yellow-colored Texas rose, the light-yellow Christine, the deep orange Salsa and the eye-catching bright orange Lambada – perfect for themed parties, feasts and social gathering that need color and life. (I really love their yellow roses.)

And lastly, the family of roses wouldn’t be complete without the purest one, Island Rose has the thick-stemmed white rose named Tineke and the purest white-colored one, Gloria.

I saw all of them, and I admit that it feels like heaven being surrounded by all of these very beautiful flowers. 


Before, I’m not a fan of receiving flowers on any special days, but after seeing all of these wonderful and vibrant flowers and how they’ve been taking cared of, I wouldn’t mind receiving a bouquet or two as long as it comes from Island Rose. Heheh.

And as long as it has chocolates with it, too! Hahahahaha! You can also avail these chocolates from Island Rose's website.

You can order your roses from Island Rose through their website and let them deliver it to your love ones! With Island Rose, you’ll always have the key to show your love to your special someone.

Seasons of Love!
Cheers, Island Rose!

As an additional gift, Island Rose also demonstrated to us how they keep the rose which will be ordered by their customers.

Island Rose


earthlingorgeous said...

Hi Alex!

Pakisabi naman sa Andaya brothers padalhan ako ng yellow roses, pls! hahaha!

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Hahaha! Sana mabasa nila itong blog ko, para marinig nila tayo. Ako din gusto ko yung yellow, orange at yung parang purple... I think magandang combination yang 3 sa isang box. :D

Roch said...

awww... ganda ng farm!! I wish I can have a chance to visit some time.

Nick always sends me flowers via Island Rose hehehe I also have both sizes of the teddy bear, cuteness! :D

OrangE said...

Nice! Gusto ko yung orange..yung lambada!

Corenthin said...

Hello there,

Thank you for this great article. Do you have the address of the farm, please ? I would like to visit it. Thank you.