Autumn Makeover by The Body Shop

Thinking what look suits you best this season?

Though, we don’t experience autumn here in the Philippines, it might not be that bad to feel and look like we have an autumn here especially when you have The Body Shop’s Autumn Make-Up Collection.


Held at Greenbelt 3, it was my first time to witness such a live makeover by an expert that transformed a plain looking lady into a sophisticated, rock chic and I was really amazed how makeup really made a woman.

But before I share to you all the makeover session that I covered, just for the ladies in the house, let me share to you first the amazing The Body Shop Autumn Make-Up Collection.

So, for the Smoke and Fire look, a look that’s trending for the Autumn Season, here are the products that you can avail at The Body Shop:

Autumn Leaves Compact – Php1,395.00

Kajal Eyeliner – Php695.00

Eye Colour – Php595.00

Colourglide Lip Colour – Php695.00

Divide and Multiply Mascara – Php850.00

Lightening Touch – Php950.00

Though, for a “guy” like me who doesn’t use any makeup, except for costume parties, I think they are too pricey, but maybe there’s a good reason behind its pricey cost which the ladies can take.

Well, one thing I do know, they are The Body Shop products, a brand that really speaks.

So, for this look, we have Ma’am Billie Liboro-Palabyab to pose as our model for the said makeover.

Billie Liboro-Palabyab

According to the makeup artist, Miss Billie has this reddish complexion, so to neutralize it, she suggested to use a yellowish-base foundation for Miss Billie’s face. A base make-up was done before applying the Smoke and Fire look.


I find the total makeover really fantastic. The fierceness in her eyes was really great. This look, according from the makeup artist is perfect for cocktail parties and nighout with the girls. But for me, I think, since Halloween is coming, this will be standout for Halloween parties. Hahaha! It looks like the eye makeup of Dakota Fanning in Eclipse of Little J in Gossip Girl. Fierce!

After Miss Billie’s makeover, beauty bloggers got a chance to have the autumn make-up by The Body Shop’s expert makeup artists! Way to go, girls!

It was a night of fiercness and cat eyes as everyone loves the amazing eye effect of The Body Shp’s Autumn Make-up Collection!

Spread the love, spread the beauty! See you at The Body Shop!

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