Ocean Minded sets to conquer Philippine shore

I’m a shoe-slipper person. I love having a lot of shoes and I love having a lot of slippers. Though I spend a lot of time at work wearing shoes, if I got a chance, I’m sneaking in my slipper just feel comfortable while working.

There are only two factors that I’m looking for in a shoe or slipper. First, the aesthetic value - it is very important that the looks of my shoe or slipper can adapt to the different style that I do with my self. May it be going to work or clubbing or just hanging out with my friends, I always make sure that I can “somehow” use that shoe or slipper in two or more events that I have to go to. And second, the durability. Since, I’m one of those people that are always on the go, it is very important for me to have a long-lasting shoe or slipper.  I love having shoes and slippers as much as I love keeping and having them for the longest time possible.

There are times that I really don’t care about the price, as long as that shoe or slipper has the two factors that I’m looking for, I’ll go and have it! That’s how I love shoes and slippers!

And now, with the coming of Ocean Minded in the country, a brand that utilizes recycled and sustainable materials in its products, whenever possible, I have a new target on the loose. Hehehe.

Going green is so in nowadays, even to fashion.

As I surf through their site (http://www.oceanminded.com), I saw this very nice slipper that I really liked.

I love the earthy color and very lax appearance of this slipper. And though the price may seem too expensive, I think by just looking at it, this one will last longer than I thought.

I can use this on the upcoming beach escapade that I will have. Wee!

There are also some shoes and slippers for women.

And here are some of the styles for men that I also like.

And I also heard that this September, they have a great sale! Whoopee!

I think, a bit of my salary this month will go to these slippers. Hehehe.

Ocean Minded, you’ll be mine soon! :-P

Ocean Minded Philippines

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dimaks said...

Those slippers look comfy! I want to have them too. I think they will fit great while out in the beach during summer.