Run Against Time with Immuvit

I know a lot of us, though some may still be having a hard time accepting it, are starting to feel the signs of aging. Back pain, aching joints, hair loss and many more. There are also times that we tend to forget to do some things that leads to complications and some other problems.

I’m 27 years old, and too shy to admit, I am feeling these signs. I guess the fountain of youth in me just suffered El Niño and forgot to keep water for itself. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways that can help me feel young and look young, and one of those is exercise.

I got to attend the Immuvit Run Against Time activity at the Bonifacio High Street weeks ago, and I’d say that so far, this was the most eye-opening fun run that I’ve been to. Before the scheduled fun run for the said activity, Immuvit prepared some lectures for us to know how to balance proper diet, healthy lifestyle and exercise.

Led by one of the countries leading fitness coach, Jim Saret, the team and the guests of Immuvit got some tips and some new and challenging exercise routines that can help us improve our stamina and physicality.

Coach Jim Saret

Here and learn Coach Jim Saret’s MetaFit Exercise.

This is one kind of exercise that is recognized abroad and Westerners are so into it because of its outstanding effect and impact to one’s body.

We also got a chance to meet Coach Bob del Castillo who has been a great inspiration to everybody.  He who’s at the age of 56 is getting ready to climb a mountain in New Zealand. Sir, you rock!

Coach Bob del Castillo

Well, aside from these stuff that we learned from Coach Jim and Coach Bob, they also thought us the importance of taking some vitamins to keep us going. And with that, they recommend the newest one in the market – IMMUVIT.


Immuvit contains two powerful ginsengs – Korean RPC Ginseng and Siberian Ginseng – that can help us revitalizes our bodies, increase our resistance to physical, chemical and biological stress and can give us energy boost that increases our vitality. Immuvit also contains CoQ10, though it is a natural vitamin in our body that help us produce energy, cell growth and maintenance, it gets fewer and fewer as we get older. CoQ10 is also an antioxidant that protects us from the damages caused by free radicals.

After these eye-opening ideas, everybody who’s up for the fun run readied their selves, including me, get our free singlet from the Immuvit team and took two rounds of run around the Bonifacio High Street.

I’d say that after months of not running, this fun run was really tiring but it made me feel good.

So now, equip with new thoughts that can help me feel younger and healthier, I think I should go and run again and have this new vitamin to keep me fit and always on the go! 

Thank you, Immuvit!
Til our next run!

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