The 2010 Special Olympics – National Bowling Championship

One thing that I envy about special kids is their innocent, kid-like mind sets. Whenever I see a special kid, I can help but envy how happy they really are not thinking much about their future – just simply enjoying whatever they have today.

And last week, that’s what I witnessed again when I attended the National Bowling Championship for Special kids at the Coronado Lanes at Star Mall in Mandaluyong City.

Battling for this 2010 championship were almost a hundred players showcasing their exceptional talent in striking all those pins on this bowling tournament.

I, myself, didn’t know how to play bowling, so when I saw how really great they are, I can help but to admire their patients and talent in striking every standing pin.

Leading the tournament is Roxanne Ng of NCR South, followed by Rey Odicta of Iloilo, then Brian Robles of NCR South again, Alfred Abueg of NCR North, Erwin Leonico of Iloilo, and lastly by Dwight Saldito of NCR North.


Another great thing that I witnesses during the event was how the parents and coaches support and cheer their players up to battle it out with their fellow competitors. It was so fun hearing them teaching their kids, pushing them to their limits to achieve their goals.

At the end of the day, the spirit was high that even though some failed to win, everyone enjoyed another year of this tournament that aims to uplift the spirit of our fellow Filipinos and help them have the bestest thing that their lives has to offer.

Congratulations, guys! See you again next year!

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