Get Comfy with your Dream Home

From the makers of the world-renowned beddings, Canadian Manufacturing, Dream Home is an exclusive brand for SM Hypermarket’s wise and practical buyers who want a comfortable and alluring bed sheets and linens in their home for their families.

Luckily, I got to attend one of their symposiums, and I learned some astonishing tips on how bed sheets and linens can inspire you and help you achieve your goals in life.

I learned that choosing the right color for your bed and for yourself can help you determine what kind of person you are. And by that way, you can set your priorities, learning which attracts you most and what makes you feel comfortable.

It was simply like a Color Psychology 101.

Just like on this design, which they call Paulina:


A combination of red, white, black and grey -- Paulina befits that of modern linen. If you choose this design you’re bold, sophisticated and hard working.

While on this design they named Mimi:


Subtle shades of pink and yellow Mimi is for the sweet, playful and intellectual.

While on this very earthy color designed they named Othello:


Brown and white with accents of blue. Synonymous to orderliness and loyalty.

And since I love color, thi is one of my favourites, and they named Orlando:


Blue is perceived as calming. With vibrant shades blues become dynamic, dramatic and friendly.

It was a fun gathering that everyone got a chance to ask the meaning of their favourite colors, giving us a more vivid outlook on what color of beddings we should get for our bedrooms.

And since not al off us knew how to keep safe these beautiful and kinda pricey bed sheets and linens, they thought us the easiest way on how to fold it and keep it.

This is really a great help for me, because I admit I really don’t know how to fold big pieces of cloths that has garters in it. Hehehe.

Thank you Dream Home!

Thank you too, SM Hypermarket for bring to our country another brand that will give comfort to our lives.

Feel free to visit SM Hypermaket and take home a Dream Home!

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