My First Facial at Active White Health & Beauty Center

I was surprised to get an invitation to attend a bloggers' event at Active White Health and Beauty Center at Tomas Morato, Quezon City because, first, I'm not that vain, and second, I haven't had any facial treatment whatsoever. So I'm actually surprised and scared at the same time.

Located at the corner of Tomas Morato and  Timog Avenue, Quezon City, this small and kinda hidden place offers face and body treatments. I had my first encounter with this center's name a few years ago when I tried their whitening soap. Unluckily, it didn't showed any good effect on my skin so I ditched it after using it for quite some time.

So, okay, for this bloggers' event, we were treated for a Basic Facial Treatment for free but on a regular days it would cost us Php400.00. Not bad, I think.

Since this was my first time to consult a face specialist and undergo such treatment, I can't help but to ask, "DOES IT HURT?"

Well, here's what happened.

First, the specialist asked me to wash my face using using the regular faucet water they have there. Since I saw an avocado soap inside the bathroom, I bravely used it, and to be honest, that avocado liquid soap is a must-have. It smells so good.

Right after I washed my face, the lady specialist asked me to lay down on this bed which was kinda scary when I first looked at. I suggest that the management change their bedding and add some color to make it more relaxing. A white cloth on top of something like an operating bed is kinda scary to look at.


As I lay down and tried to relax myself on the bed, the specialist immediately put some kind of astringent-smelling liquid on my face. When I asked her about that, she told me that it was a cleansing toner. Right after that, she wiped it off of my face to put some cleansing cream. She said that the cleansing cream takes away all the other chemical on my face. Ooooookay.

After that, she evened it out and prepared my face for some "steaming".

I believe this procedure was made to loosen my pores.

Then, after some 15 minutes of steaming, the next procedure that I've gone through was suctioning. This was my favorite part on this whole process. This procedure was made to suck all the blackheads and whiteheads on my face, especially on my nose.

For the first part of this session, I enjoyed it. I learned something new from the specialist on how to take good care of my face, so I still got a time to smile. Hehehe.

Until the most scary part came, the pricking.
When I heard the lady specialist told me to be ready for the pricking, I think my face turned into a stone as my eyes shut so hard that it wrinkled my whole face. Hahaha!

To be honest, IT HURTS! Huhuhu. Not that I'm complaining because I know beauty has a price but since this was my first time to undergo such treatment, it kinda made me cry. Especially when the pricking part when down to my nose. It was really hard to hardened the face to lessen the pain that you'll feeling. Thank God, the specialist didn't spent so much time on my nose and she told me that my face wasn't that dirty. That complement somehow eased the pain that I'm feeling that moment.

After some 10 minutes of the killer pricking part, the specialist wiped off all the cream that she applied before and cleaned my face using some astringent-smelling liquid again. And to be able to close  the pores that were opened, a laser procedure followed.

This one took about three minutes. And THANK GOD, this was the final leg of this facial treatment.

After all of the pain that I've been through, honestly, my face felt lighter and fresher. I never thought that facial treatment can make you feel that, but I can't smile enough to show it because my face can still feel the pain.

In general, I don't think my first facial treatment was that traumatizing, but if you ask me now if I'll be willing to undergo another facial treatment, let's say in a month or two, I think I'll pass. Hahaha! I can't bear to feel that pain again. I believe there's an alternative way to clean my face or I'll just follow the specialist's suggestions on what are the food that I should avoid to have a healthy and clean skin. Hehehe.

As this bloggers' event ended, the manager of Active White gave us some souveneir stuff from their line of beauty products.

And I was really glad to have these Active White Spa Milk Salt! Wee!

I've been wondering where I could buy salt scrub for a long time and since I've never been to malls for a long time, I didn't know that they have these products on Watson's Mercury Drug, Southstar Drug and other beauty stores.

He said that it would only cost us about Php100.00 for a bottle of this scrub which come in different variants like milk, orange, coffee, avocado, coconut, strawberry and grape. I got an orange orange and I'm already using it. 

And so far, I'm loving it!!!

I'm using it to lighten the color of my elbows, and in fairness, the result was noticeable.

Thanks, Active White!
Til next time!

Active White Health & Beauty Center

3rd Floor CTTM Building
#68 Timog, corner Tomas Morato
Quezon City, Philippines

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