Mulat Pinoy Pinoy Pop-I Awarding Ceremony

It was fine eye-opening afternoon when I attended the Awarding Ceremony of the Mulat Pinoy Pop-I Video Contest. I didn't know exactly what was in stored for me when I went at Annabel's in Tomas Morato. The thought of I was just about to attend a simple gathering, was gone when I met the people of this amazing and heart-warming organization.

Held at Annabel's last June 26 where we treated to sumptuous dishes, I've go to learn some of the team's vision and mission and I even got a chance to see some of their documentaries that really amazed all the visitors of the said event. To think that the teenagers did those documentaries, I mean, WOW!

It was the awarding ceremony of their Pinoy Pop-I video contest. And I was so glad to see some of the entries, as well as the wining entries. Here are the winning entries of the the two categories of the said contest.

Winner for the category
"Masusunog ka ba sa impyerno kung gagamit ka ng condom?"
(Will you burn in hell if you use a condom?)

Winner for the category
"Paano ka makakahanap ng trabaho kung ang dami mong karibal?"
(How can you find a job if there are so many applicants?)

The winners got to take home a Flip video camera and Mulat Pinoy shirts. While the runner-ups got some Mulat PInoy shirt and SM gift checks.

It was really a heart-warming night when one of the winners gave his speech and told us what was the story behind his video.

This would be one of the blogging events that I would never forget because this opened my eyes more to the reality of life and it ignited the passion in me on writing and sharing stories through my own little way - BLOGGING.

So, to all the winners and committee of Mulat Pinoy, congratulations and may you all serve as a role model to our youth who have high hopes in lifting our country towards a brighter future!


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Aissa said...

Hi Alex! This is Aissa from Mulat Pinoy. Thanks so much for the great feedback on our event. :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Hello, Aissa!

You're welcome! Thanks, too! Keep up the good work, guys!