Figaro's a ala carte by Chef Karl Marxist Tan

If you are a pasta lover, read this!

Figaro is now offering PASTA DISHES that you'll surely be delighted to know! Wee!
And they have an awesome range of pasta meals to choose from! Fun, fun, fun!

Last day, I got a chance to visit Shangri-La Plaza's Figaro and got to taste their newest a la carte by Chef Karl Marxist Tan. And, boy, I had a hard time choosing which one was my favorite because all of them were simply mouth-watering delicious.

By just looking them you can already say that a feast was about to start. The vibrant colors of the fresh salads, the complementing aroma of the dressings, the wonderful blend of the pastas, and the nice and attracting texture of the fishes and chickens on the side, it was indeed a feast to every one's eyes.

There are four a la carte to choose from, there's the Dory Provencal, Tuscan Chicken, Chicken a la Kiev and the Breaded Dory Fillet. And you can have your desired pasta that you want for the meal that you've selected. There are five pasta dishes to choose from, there's the Arrabiata, Al Tonno, Carbonara, Classic Chorizo and Pesto. Now, ready to fight? I mean, to eat?

The first dish that I had, the Dory Provencal.

 Dory Provencal - Php199

Pan fried dory fish fillet infused in zesty provencal sauce.

From the time that I got to taste dory fish from the cooking challenge that I joined in, it has been one of my favorite kind of fish. It's really delicious and really easy to cook. This Dory Provencal was delectable. You don't wanna put your knife and fork down, believe me. The dory fish was cooked to perfection making it a great match to the fresh salad. The pasta that I had with this dish was Pesto. I'm kinda particular with pesto since I had a bad experience with it in a pasta food chain that I don't wanna named, but this pesto that I had with this dory and fresh salad was good - really good. It balanced everything, the buttery taste of the dory and the crispy, sweet and tangy taste of the fresh veggies. It was like having one big meal that's so healthy and so yummy. It's really hard to find yummy food that's healthy nowadays, so I think for those health and figure conscious, this one is for you.

The next dish that I had, and I think my favorite that night, was the Tuscan Chicken.

 Tuscan Chicken - Php199.00

A hearty Italian inspired chicken sauce with selected herbs and spices topped with provencal sauce.

By just saying the its name I can help but drool. Hahaha! I think what made this meal my favorite was that the chicken was really great. It was nice and chewy and the taste was just two-thumbs up. I also think that the matching pasta, which was the Al Tonno, was wonderful because since it wasn't that saucy and the mere simple appearance of it brought the flavor and the look of the chicken very well. And, of course, the salad was just the same with the Dory Provencal, but I think with the excellent taste of the chicken, I'd like to say that these three, the pasta, the salad and the chicken was overly appreciated by my eyes and my palette.

The third dish that I had was something that kids will surely enjoy, the Chicken a la Kiev.

Chicken a la Kiev - Php229.00

A Russian-inspired chicken dish, stuffed with cheese and bacon cooked to perfection.

For me, this one was the best dish for kids. The sweet and cheesy blend of the stuffed chicken goes very well with the carbonara. Though, I didn't like their carbonara that much (as compared to my carboanara which is delicious, hahaha!), the Chicken Kiev was really good, perfectly baked, I believe. While the potato wedges added some crisp to the whole dish making it one dish that was really easy to understand and to eat. It was like the comfort food or comfort meal among the others that's why I'm sure that kids will love this.

The last dish that I had, and I think the simplest one, was the Breaded Dory Fillet with Tartar Sauce.

 Breaded Dory Fillet with Tartar Sauce - Php229.00

Again, I like Dory fish, and this dish, though, looks so simple was good enough for its price. The tartar sauce gave this dish a different twist. While the Classic Chorizo Pasta tasted nice. But I don't think that this two complement each other very well. I think an Arrabiata or Pesto can make this dish more appetizing and colorful.

Everything was good in general, so I think the only thing that I can suggest if you wanna drop by to Figaro and have a taste of these sumptuous dishes is to choose the right pasta to enjoy the a la carte that you prefer.

These meals comes with 12 ounces of Iced Coffee or Iced Tea.

Iced Tea

Iced Coffee

And to complete your wonderful Figaro a la carte experience, have Ambrosia or Chocolate Eclair for dessert. I'm guaranteeing that you'll love these two new pasties that they are offering.

Ambrosia - Php70.00

 Chocolate Eclair - Php65.00

Treat yourself and enjoy these delectable a la carte created by Chef Karl Marxist Tan only for Figaro.

Happy eating!

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