I enjoyed Eclipse with Jollibee!

The Twilight fever is back!

And as the third installment to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Saga entitled Eclipse hit the theaters, there's nothing fit better than to have the yummiest burger in town with you - Jollibee!

I would like to thank Jollibee and my friend Sire Arevalo for taking me to watch Eclipse at the Podium yesterday.

As a fan of the saga, I really had a great watching Edward Cullen, Jacob Black and Bella Swan back on the big screen. There were a lot of "kilig" moments that I really enjoyed. May it be with Edward and Bella or Jacob and Bella, the story and the love triangle were undeniably big  hit.

So, what are you waiting for? Quick, watch Eclipse! Now na! It was really good. I can't wait to see it again this Saturday with my super friends. Hahaha! (fan mode)

But before you go the movie house, do not forget to bring something to munch because the movie lasts for more than an hour, and believe me, you don't wanna go out to buy some food when the movie starts playing.

I suggest that to be able for you to enjoy Eclipse more, go to Jollibee! Why? Because Jollibee offers something really great for all Twilight fans here in the Philippines. You can order a Barkada Meal from them for only Php275.00 which includes fries, yum burger or Jollyhotdog, good for three, and a limited edition Eclipse tumblers for three also! Ain't that fun?!

But if you're kind of a loner or in a "tipid mode", they have a Jollibee Burger Meal or Hotdog Value Meal which is good for one, just add Php25.00 so that you can have that limited edition Eclipse tumbler! Wee!

There are three tumbler designs to choose from. And this promo runs only from June 23 to July 7, 2010. So, quick, go to your nearest Jollibee and start feeling the Twilight fever again!

I'm glad that yesterday, I get to enjoy all of them for FREE and got something from more Jollibee! Wee! Thanks, Jollibee!

I got some free tumbler, some free yum with TLC, some Jollyhotdog and some popcorn! Wee! Super duper fun and super duper busog!

And there's more, actually. There was also a photo booth where we can have our pictures taken and edit it to look like we were part of the Eclipse's poster. Hehehe. 

And, finally, just before the movie was shown to us, Jollibee gave away some goodie stuff for those who can answer their trivia questions. Luckily, I got to answer one of them and earned me a book! This one was the latest book of Stephanie Meyer, "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner". Wee!

Here are the goodies that I got during this event! Thanks again to my friend Sire! Thank you, Jollibee, for this wonderful Eclipse experience! 

So, is it okay if I say I'm replacing Bella now? Hahahahahahaha!

I can love them both at the same time. *wink-wink* Lols!


nica said...

Great photos alex!!! inggit naman ako!

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Hi, Nica! Naku, sabit lang ako dito. But it was really fun. Hehhee.

Alex De Vera Dizon said...
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Fedoran said...

Kala ko kung sino si Jollibee, sino nga ba? Hehehe

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Si Jolibee ay si Jolibee pa din. Walang kayang pumalit sa kanya. Lols.