Figaro's All-Day Breakfast by Chef Karl Marxist Tan

Rainy days are here, and just like anybody else, it is so hard to leave our bed on cold mornings. It's even harder when you know that you have to leave your bed and head to office for work. And most of the time, we came rushing into things that we forgot to have the most important meal of the day - the breakfast.

But did you know that Figaro has something new for all of us that I know we'll all be having a hard time to resist. Think of the smell of a freshly cooked garlic rice, the sizzling sound of tuyo and the mouth-watering  look of a perfectly cooked sunny-side up egg. Or, the sweet and sour smell of longganisa or the delectable aroma of corned beef...? Now, you're getting hungry, right? Hahahaha! Me too!

But no need to worry, because the new Breakfast Meals of Figaro are available ALL DAY! As in from the store opening til its closing! Isn't that fun?

Now, you can enjoy a decent and sumptuous breakfast in you favorite Figaro branch.
And these are not just the typical breakfast that you can see in any coffee shop. These are the ultimate Filipino breakfast dishes/ comfort foods that we all love!

And last day, I got to taste the two of them, and I'm delighted on how they come up with this idea. It's like making our home closer to our tummy. Lols.

The first dish that I had was their Gourmet Crispy Tuyo.

Gourmet Crispy Tuyo - Php175.00

Perfect blend of flavors and spices infused over crispy tuyo flakes served with fried eggplant, tomato, cucumber salsa and fried farm fresh egg.

I like how brave they are to add this on their menu. I mean, TUYO?! But really, I liked it! It was delicious and really crispy. I haven't had tuyo for a long time, and on their tuyo there's this unique flavor that will made you feel at home. So if you miss home or just wanted to enjoy a hot and crispy tuyo on a  rainy day, you should try this. It was really good. A hot cup of coffee with this dish will make your day bright and shiny!

The next dish that I tried was, my favourite, the Pork Longganisa.

Pork Longganisa - Php175.00

Savor the sweet and spicy flavor of homemade pork longganisa perfectly complemented with tomato-cucumber salsa and fried farm fresh egg.

Now, this one, as I've said was most likely my favorite. I'm not a big fan of skinless longganisa, but this one tasted perfectly fine. The spiciness of the longganisa was well balanced by its sweetness making it a great match to the hot garlic rice. I suggest you that have your longganisa well done to bring out more sweetness to the dish. This is a good pair to a hot cup of coffee too, but, for me, a cold iced tea or iced coffee is what that suits more.

Iced Tea

Iced Coffee

These All-Day Breakfast meals come with 8 ounce of brewed coffee already. I just suggested those drinks as for you may also know your options when you visit them.

And if you are not "a rice person" like some you of my friends, well, you can still start your day right and sweet at Figaro with their newest pastries that will hit the town.

Chocolate Eclair - Php65.00

Ambrosia - Php70.00

They are both delicious. Promise! Scrumptious as they make look on these pictures that I took,  you'll never take your eyes off of them once you have them in front of you. The taste was heavenly. I can actually have three or five of each for breakfast alone. Lols.

So the next time you feel like missing home or want some comfort food to have a bright day ahead, head-on to Figaro and ordered these new dishes that will satify your appetite and well-being.

Happy eating!

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Rins said...

The crispy tuyo looks really tempting! Yay!