The New Flavors of Heaven

If you think you've tasted the best ice cream in the world, wait til you've got a cup of Nestle's latest offering. With the new four sinful flavors of Nestle's Heaven, you'll surely feel that you are in heaven gobbling these delectable flavors with these hot angels. Oh, la, la!

At the grand launch of the four new flavors of Heaven Ice Cream at A Venue, Makati City where celestial beings welcomed the urban ice cream aficionados to their kingdom, every one felt the hair-raising atmosphere that encapsulated the whole hall.

It was really a heavenly event that everyone was treated with such ease and blissful mood. 

It was a night full of excitement, graciousness, cold ice cream and hot models.
So if you think you'll say pass to these guys...

Well, I believe, to these tempting ice cream creations... YOU WOULD SAY NO! Definitely!

Belgian Chocolate Bliss

Vanilla Almond Secret

Butter Pecan Obsession

Strawberry Dream

I enjoyed these four flavors, really. And my favorite was the Vanilla Almond Secret. I am a chocolate lover, right. But there's really something about this Vanilla Almond Secret that my palette loved so much. So, yeah, I like it and I think I had so much of it that night. Hahahaha!

And of course, what is heaven without stars, right? The launching of the four new flavor of was also star-studded. I saw some famous celebrities who dropped by to witness the latest offering of Heaven. Here are the pictures.

Vernie Varga

Will Devaughn

And just like the song goes... "Sa langit wala ang beer..."
Well, yeah.... They are right. 

But, hey, on this Heaven, we had some cocktails! Wee!

Belgian Bliss

Vanilla Almond

Strawberry Dream

So, to Nestle Philippines, and to Heaven, cheers!
Congratulations and more power!

Eat moderately, guys!
Happy eating!

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