Showeroke by Dove

After of almost a month of screening on who will the first-ever Dove's Showeroke King/Queen, we're now down to seven finalists.

And last Tuesday, June 22, at Strumms in Jupiter, Makati, Dove finally hailed the first-ever Showeroke King/Queen.

But before I reveal to you guys who bagged the title of this Dove's first digital Showeroke Competition, let me share to you all first the funny, cool and very creative videos of the seven finalists who also performed live at Strumms last Tuesday.

Finalist number one, Pole with "Can't Fight whit Feeling".

The second finalist, Tracy with "Don't Stop Believing".

Third finalist, Matthew with "I do".

The fourth finalist, Sai with "Baby".

Fifth finalist, Lycar with "You Belong with Me".

Fifth finalist, from the Erika with "Bad Romance".

The sixth finalist, Pebbles with "Bad Romance," too.

And the last but not the least, the only group in this competition Anna Oposa, Maisa Madara and Gold Jacinto with "Alive".

I didn't thought that that will be one hell of a night. With so much laughter that you';ll never forget. The whole of Strumms just couldn't shut their mouth when the finalists performed live and the judges gave their opinions on every performances. It was, indeed, an American Idol-ish night with a kick.

The first four finalist belted it out giving the first half of the program somewhat promising an d somehow professional. But when the second batch kicked in, the real competition started.

We all had a great fun and even the judges can't help but laugh it all out because the numbers were really all out. And I mean, TV/film production number all out.

 The Judges' Table

And the end of the day, only three emerged as winners, one taking home the Bloggers' Choice Award, one with the First Runner-Up and only one as the Champion.

Sai got the Bloggers' Choice Award

 The Dream Girls got the First Runner-Up

And Pebbles took home the Championship Belt. Lols.

Congratulations, guys! Job well done, Dove! 
I hope there's season two of this event! Cheers!

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Carla said...

Alex! :) Thanks for coming!

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

My pleasure, Carla! I enjoyed the night! Til Next time ha! :-)