BUM Holiday 2010 Collection

With the impalpable taste of the young generation when it comes to fashion, BUM Equipment comes with a great idea of giving the new generation a sense of fashion and functionality all rolled into one with their dark, black and emo Holiday 2010 Collection.

With its dark but edgy look, this collection lives up to the image of BUM which is personifying the curiosity and non-conformity of the  youth's style and self expression.

And with the Twilight Saga fever all over the world, personally, I think these pieces will be a hit in no time. In fact, I'm digging some of the pieces that were showcased on this fashion show. Like, like, like it!

The fashion show was graced by BUM Equipment's endorsers Dino and Imperial and Marvin Kiefer who also walked the walk and strutted some of  the hottest pieces of BUM.

Congratulations to BUM Equipment and more power!
It was a dark night of Goth  fashion that rocks!

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