Lucy Torres-Gomez chooses ASCOF Lagundi

Rainy days are here, and just like what our moms told us be careful and protect ourselves from the harmful rain. But how can we if we all have to go to work, or to some, have to go to school to study? With the unpredictable weather condition in our country, how can we protect ourselves from these harmful bacteria and sickness surrounding us?

I’m glad while browsing the Net I stumbled upon Lucy Torres-Gomez’s latest ad about ASCOF Lagundi Cough Syrup, and I adore her just like how I adore my mom. Uh-huh, not because she’s pretty and all, but because, just like my mom, she knew what’s the best for her family especially when it come to our health.

Lucy Torres-Gomez and daughter Juliana

Cough is one of the common illnesses during this time of the year, and finding a reliable and affordable cough syrup ain’t that easy to do. We are so luckily that during this time of our lives, herbal medicines are starting to conquer the market making it more reliable, more affordable and safer for everybody.

And so, as for the newly elected Congresswoman of Ormoc, Leyte, Lucy prefers ASCOF Lagundi.

“Juliana is at that age wherein she is prone to common cough and cold, and I don’t want to give her just any over-the-counter chemical formulation that may prove to be harmful to her health in the long run.  It’s always safer to choose natural medicines instead,” Lucy says.

Lagundi is one of the ten herbal medicines endorsed by the Department of Health.  Doctors around the country have long used it to treat cough and asthma symptoms. 

ASCOF Lagundi comes from a trusted name in consumer healthcare, Pascual Laboratories.  It is commercially available in syrup, tablet and capsule formats. And for the moms and the kids delight, it comes in Ponkan, Strawberry, Menthol and Menthol Sugar-free flavors.

ASCOF Lagundi Cough Syrup
Ponkan Flavor

My mom will be very happy to know this, because now that we have with us in our home my niece, Ikay, our little girl who’s adored by everybody, we should be ready and have some of this ASCOF Lagundi syrup in our home in case our little girl caught some cough bacteria while outside the house or while she’s at school.

Lucy also said, “The reason why you give your kids medication in the first place is to make sure that they go back to being healthy, and not to expose them to more health risks.”

ASCOF Lagundi is also good for adults, especially if you are allergic to some chemicals that other cough syrups have.

It’s really good thing to know that we have a better option nowadays in choosing what’s right, better and safer medicine for our family. And the best of all, ASCOF Lagundi can be bought at all leading drugstore nationwide.

There’s nothing beats better but taking advantage the goodness of our planet Earth and using all of her kindness in having a healthy beautiful life.

Thank God, there are more reliable herbal medicines surrounding us now like ASCOF Lagundi.

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