Converse Spark Creativity

If there’s one thing that we all love about Converse, I think, that is their immortal design. And last Saturday, Converse proved again that, indeed, their designs are immortal with their outstanding and very creative art collection.

I was stunned to know that most of the pieces that we’re displayed were made by high school students and some by college students. These art pieces are part of the “You’re It” campaign of Converse, and this campaign is celebrated all over the world. So, as the Filipinos take the centre stage and showcase our true and unique artistry, Converse Philippines with the cooperation of Araneta Center brought the Converse Spark Creativity.

Here are some of the pieces that captivated my eyes and really made me proud Pinoy.

Aside from these astonishing art pieces, there were also some gimmicks that were in stored for all attendees at the event.

There was a freedom wall where you can express your creative thoughts. There was a designing booth where you can vouch your own Chucks to have a unique and personalized design. There was the booth for the Converse’ Fall 2010 Collection which made me told to save money because I have to have some of the pairs that I found really cool. And finally, the photo booth which I really enjoyed because I got a chance to flaunt some of my naughty but creative poses. Lols.

Express Yourself Wall

Designing Booth

Fall 2010 Collection

A souvenir from the Photo Booth

Also featured at the event the Philippines contribution to the worldwide "You're It" campaign.

(from the words "species and peace")

Made by MeAn Venturina-Bulanadi, Buen Calubayan, J. Pacena II and Mark Ramsel Salvatus this interactive display used recycled and new Converse shoes, plus real live grasses to express the cycle of life and nature that we can definitely catch roaming around the streets of metro Manila.

It was an interesting and inspiring afternoon for all of the attendees. For me, it is always a great pleasure to see creative pieces that came out of nowhere. Indeed, this is it! An art collection made my young generation for young generation, truly a spark of creativity!

Keep it rocking, Converse! Congratulations!
You can still see these wonderful pieces at Ali Mall and Gateway Mall in Araneta Center.

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