Ballet Barbie

You just didn't know how the inner Geisha in me jump for joy when I saw these very elegant and stunning display of Barbie dolls dressed by the country's top designers.

Displayed for public at The Podium Mall, I got a chance to see these wonderful pieces adorned by the country's top and upcoming designers. From the classic Filipino look to the modern New Yorkish style, Barbie had it at the Ballet Barbie of Ballet Philippines!

Men, women, young and old ones all enjoyed this wonderful display of the most loved doll in the world. Though, there was nothing about Ken in this collection, I really admired everything simply because I'm a fan of local fashion and I really love when Filipino designers showcase their talents exuberantly.

So, without further ado, here are some of the Barbie dolls that I loved and wish that I, at least, had one or two - for my nieces, of course. *wink-wink*

This display of lovely Barbie dolls was primarily a project of Ballet Philippines for their 41st season and with the collaborative help of our country's top designers - from Pitoy Moreno, Puey QuiƱones, Rajo Laurel, Frederick Peralta, JC Buendia to Veejay Floresca, name it, they dressed Barbie!

I really love Barbie! Well, who doesn't? Hahahha!
Little boys may don't like her now, but when they grow up, I know they'll appreciate the immortal beauty of Barbie. Hahaha!

Congratulations, Ballet Philippines! And thank you for sharing these to us!
I hope you guys have this kind of event every season!
Tha would be very lovely! Hehehe!

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