AOC LED Monitors with Three E's Technology

As everybody and every thing goes "green", AOC or the Art of Colors recently launches their new breed of LED monitors that will help you save money from paying high electric bills and help the environment with their energy-saving features.

Held at the Garden Ballroom of EDSA Shangri-La, AOC introduces three kinds of monitors that symbolize their 3-E Campaign - grEen, Ergonomic and Entertaining.

These 3-E monitors have earth-friendly features such as the mercury-free power-saver LED backlight, Navi-Ring that replaces the modern remote control and the multiply input connections that are huge factors in saving electric energy consumption and helping mother Earth. These monitors also reduces toxic waste production and their power-off timer lessens energy consumption.

The guys from AOC did some talk before their finally present and shared to us the wonderful features of these monitors.

And as they share their stories, we were at the same time treated to a sumptuous lunch. I love the desserts, of course! Hehehe.

And to finally share to your guys AOC's cream of the crop, here are the 3-E monitors that will be invading market very soon.



-IPS (In Plane Switching):

-Full HD: 16:9 Widescreen True Full Screen HD
            -View Full Screen HD Media without distortion or black bars.
            -Full HD 1920x1080p

-Wide view: IPS provides the widest viewing angle so that end-users can watch consistent images from any viewing angle

-Real Color: IPS is the best optimized technology corresponding to current market needs like real color for digital devices

-Solid Panel: IPS is solid to the touch, without trail, puddle and flashing which can be easily distinguished from TN and VA panels


Series 37 Luvia

-I-care : AOC i-care detects the intensity of surrounding lights and automatically adjusts the monitor brightness accordingly, protecting against eye strain and fatigue

-LED (backlight): WLED backlight technology makes the luvia series super slim

-Crystal Frame Design: Latest design is unique and fashionable

-Decorate DIY : Decorate your monitor with Pop Art stickers!
                        -Mystic black: winding vines evoke deep, dark forests
                        -Noble gold: a classic European pattern complements Luvia’s crystal look surface
                       -Floral red: youthful, vibrant and romantic

Series 40 Eco 7

-E sensor : The infrared sensor can detect if user is absent in front of monitor and reduce brightness or turn monitor off to save power consumption

-LED Monitor:  Has no Mercury thus, reduced toxic waste

-Low Power: Low power consumption thus, less energy use

-DCR : ultra high DCR 20M:1

Series 41 Maskk

-Green monitor with low power consumption : Standby <0.1 W, Ultra low power consumption, 2CCFL panel with low power consumption, 50% power saving meets EPA 5.0 and EPEAT Silver

-Optional protective glass screen: Easy to clean, it protects the LCD panel from dust, marks and scratches

-USB 2.0 connector: Convenient for connecting devices such as USB flash hard disk and camera



-Eco Display: Eco savings plus AOC’s eco power saving function is easy on the environment as well as the eyes. It saves power and saves earth.

-HDMI: Allows user to connect with a wide range of multimedia players.

-Real Color engine: Natural and vivid color expression to a new level. The moment you turn on AOC TV, you will start to enjoy beautiful and vivid color. AOC TV produces breathtaking picture quality, minimal visual noise, an enhanced spectrum and overall image detail on 1080p sources such as Blu-ray disc players and high definition game consoles.

-RoHS, CE, FCC, UL compliant : Free from dangerous and hazardous electronic substances

So, start thinking grEen, feel at ease with these Ergonomic monitors and feel the maximum Entertainment with AOC - AOC the art of colors.

Thanks, AOC! This is good new for everyone and for our planet!
Now, I can't help but to think of having a desktop PC at home. :-)

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