Eden Cheese Brought Home the Bacon!

It’s official!

Kraft Eden Cheese now holds the Guinness World Record for the Most Different Dishes on Display. With the gracious help of Magsaysay Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA), they just beat India, gaining another Guinness World Record for our country. Yey!

It was India who first had this record with 4, 668 dishes displayed, but last December 14, 2009, Kraft Food Philippines and MIHCA amazed the whole world with their 5,845 cheese-infused dishes, and it only took six months until Guinness World Records officially announces that the Philippines is now the record holder for this title. Whoopee!

I was one of the lucky few who witnessed when Kraft Foods and MIHCA prepared these 5,845 dishes, and I was so grateful to be there at Araneta Coliseum during that time because even though I was just one of the spectators, it felt like I was part of the whole success of this dream. It was really hair- rising. Check out my World's Cheesiest Event Ever blog.

And as Kraft Foods Philippines and MIHCA celebrate the official recognition of Guinness World Records for this outstanding endeavour, I was invited again to celebrate with them. Thanks, guys!

First, we were treated to some of the best dishes of 5,845 winning dishes. From breakfast to midnight snacks, they really have it all there.

For Breakfast

For Lunch

 For Dinner

 Desserts and Sweets



 Actually, I was half full with all these cheesy delights when I learned that there’s a four-course meal for us that’s waiting inside. Hahaha!

But before we headed to one delectable dinner, an art thingy was put up for us to create some “art” as part of this wonderful celebration.

 Here’s my so-called artwork. Lols.

After some 15minutes of coloring a plate, the program started.

Guys from Kraft and MIHCA shared some of their experiences from this wonderful event. Then, the most appetizing part, the four-course meal.

These dishes will be part of Kraft Food Philippines and MIHCA’s Cafe 5845 – a first in the world; this cheesiest cafe will feature nothing but cheese. So for cheese lovers like me, we should watch out for it! Well, luckily, I got to taste some of their dishes first, and I’m telling you, we should really, really watch out for it!

So, here’s our four-course meal:



Main Entrée


It was one delectable and heart-warming night as our country, yet, takes pride for this tummy-filling, cheesiest achievement.

Congratulations to Kraft Foods Philippines and MIHCA! Job well done!
And good luck to your future endeavours!
You make us really, really proud Filipinos.

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