I heART Makati!

I've been working here in Makati for more than five years now, and to be honest with you, I'm one of those photo enthusiasts who are really eager to take photos of the sky-scrapping buildings here. Unfortunately, for some security reasons, taking photos of these work-of-arts are prohibited.

Well... Not until last Saturday! Hahahahahahahahaha!

I was one of the lucky few (again!) who were invited to join the "I heART Makati, I heART the Philippines, I heART Being FREE" photo contest. In this contest, we were allowed to take pictures of these wonderful buildings, landscapes and man-made gardens that made this place the central business district of the Metropolis.

Though, I'm not a photographer myself, (that's why I feel so lucky that day) I got a chance to join on this contest and appreciate Makati's Central Business District on a quiet Saturday morning.

Geared with nothing but my Sony camera, which felt really nothing compared to the DSLRs of the professional photographers and some amateur photographers who were there, I went straight to Ayala Triangle Garden to register my name and prepared for this fun and exciting photo walk in Makati.

Our first destination, one of the busiest places in Makati during weekends - The Salcedo Weekend Market.

Here are some of my shots from this location. It was my first time to go here, so I enjoyed the whole lot as much as I enjoyed taking pictures of the whole scene here.

And since the sun was terribly hot that day, and it was about lunch time, after an hour of taking shots around this place, I and my fellow bloggers who were invited too decided to head back to Ayala Triangle Garden.

And along the way, these are the shots that I took.

We had a great lunch back at Ayala Triangle Gardens, and right after that, the show of mime performers and some colorful animals was just starting, so we got some nice shots of them, too.

And also the newest attraction in Makati - the Living Philippine Flag.

Upclose, you'll see that this is a Philippine Flag made of real living ornaments.

And right after that, the clock ticked to 2 o'clock, a time that tells me that I really have to go because I also commit to another event, which was that ToyCon 2010 at SM Megamall.

But before I left this event, I scanned my photos, and BRAVELY approached the submission area and submitted the photos which I thought were good. So here are my shots that depict the modern Makati City.

I know that I don't have any single chance of winning this contest, but the experience and the lessons that I've got from some of the "real" photographers that I've met on this event was enough winnings that I can take where ever I go.

Thank you, Makati! Thank you, Ayala Land!

This has been a great experience that I will never forget.
I hope that you'll continue this great project and keep on inspiring and believing to every Filipino's talent.

Mabuhay po kayo!
Congratulations to all the winners!

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