My 27th Birthday Cake.

I didn't plan anything on my birthday - well, maybe except that I wanna attend a mass at Baclaran that day - but I'm so glad that thay day turned out so well like I planned it all! God is really good to me, I  know. :-)

I always love having a cake on my birthday.

On my 25th birthday, I remember, my superfriends prepared something really cool for me. They bought 24 little tart-cakes and one bigger cake, and each tart-cake had a candle that I had to blow. We had dinner that night at Gerry's Grill at SM Mall of Asia, and after that fun dinner, they took me to the seaside area where concrete blocks were placed to serve as seats. There, they opened a box containing their gifts to me, 24 cute little tart-cakes and one a little bigger cake. They arranged it til it looked like this.

And as the clock ticked it's last minute of my birthday, we were able to light all the candles and finally said my wish.

This is one of the reasons why I super love my superfriends. They are very sweet and very loving. I would never forget this, guys, really!

Then, on my 26th birthday, my college friend plus Rio, my officemate, surprised me when I celebrated my birthday at Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort at Maribago, Cebu. Apparently, they told the hotel management that I'll be celebrating my birthday there, so on the morning of my birthday, while having breakfast at the hotel-resort's luxurious cafe, the staff of the cafe, about 25 of them including the chefs, gathered around our table as they brought out this little cake:

And they all sang a birthday song to me. Kinda embarrassing but really sweet. So thanks, guys! One birthday that I would never forget, too.

Then, as I celebrated my birthday last Wednesday, my aunt surprised me. As I was about to leave Baclaran Church, she called me telling me to meet her at Becky's Kitchen. Little do I know, she's planning to buy me a cake - one of my favorite bakeshop nowadays. (You should try their brownies, super chocolaty!) And since I was with her when she bought me a cake, I got a chance to choose the cake that I want. I picked the Coffee Cream Cake even though the lady told us that their bestseller was the Swiss Chocolate. Hehehe. 

I'm a stubborn middle child, remember? Lols.

But I am so happy with my choice. It wasn't that sweet and wasn't that bitter (because of the coffee), it was just perfect! Actually, in just five minutes, after I blew the candle out, I already had the first slice. I could have had it all, but I don't wanna be "madamot" on my birthday, so I shared it to everybody at home. Hehehe. The family liked it tooo, and I told them about the Swiss Chocolate so I think on my Erpat's birthday, we'll try that.Hhehehe.

Thanks, Tita Zeny, for adding sweetness to my  birthday even I'm as old as this. Hahaha!
And again, thanks to all who took tie to greet me via SMS, Facebook, Plurk and IMs. Super thanks to you all for making my birthday happy even though I don't have money to treat you all! Hehehe.

Happy birthday to me!

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