Uniquely La Maison

I received an invitation to have lunch at La Maison, and without having second thought, I said “YES!”

I've read a lot of good words about this restaurant, most especially with their baby back ribs, so I'm really glad that I had that invitation. It's about time for me to taste that intriguing baby back ribs and let my palette decide if this La Maison place is really worth a try.

It is easy to find La Maison in Greenbelt 5. It is located on the 3rd floor at the right end of the building. It was settled in quiet, kinda romantic section where a great view of the whole Greenbelt area awaits every guest.

Upon entering the place, you will see a simple table setting with a little French touch, since La Maison is a French term for “The House” or “The Home”. The interior was simple, too, as what we always see on French restaurants, but one thing’s for sure, great food awaits every visitor.

The people from La Maison were really nice to me, especially their manager, Mr. Robi. They were so accommodating and very focused to every guest’s need – one very important attitude every fine dining restaurant MUST have.

The prices on their menu were reasonable enough taking the fact that you are dining in Greenbelt 5, a prime location in the Central Business District of Makati. They have Lunch Bento and Family Platters which serve 4 to 6 persons. And the best of all, they have wines available, too! Perfect venue for a Friday night date! Hehe.

Without further ado, let me share to you the dishes that are made me licked my fingers and crave for more.

FYI: I attended a buffet served lunch, so the amount of servings in every dish is different when you dine in La Maison.

Salmon and Mango Salad

The sweet taste of the ripe mango balanced the fresh/salty taste of the salmon. I’m a fan of Japanese food, and having this Japanese-like appetizer is a good start for a fine meal.


The spicy taste and delectable aroma of this dish gave me the impression that La Maison was not just some French restaurant but a European restaurant sharing delectable flavours of Europe and the other countries beside it.


The carbonara was also good. I like the creaminess of the sauce and that little fresh-flavour kick, I think that’s the oregano, or mint or something, that made it really interesting. But then again, I still take pride on my own carbonara. Hehe.

La Maison Fish Fillet

Now, if you are looking for something really tasteful, the fish fillet is one of the must-try when you pay a visit in La Maison. It’s really hard for me to describe how delicious it was, but I’m sure that you’ll like it the same way that I liked it.

And now, my judgment is torn on these three dishes. They were all delicious and I cannot really decide which one was the best.

Roasted Turkey

It was my first time to eat turkey and now I know why westerners love having turkey on Thanksgiving, it was really yummy! Since it was my first time to have turkey, I dunno if it’s good or the best one in town. But I’m very for sure that it’s not bad. In fact, I liked it so much that I took a couple of slice more. Hehe.

Barkada Roast Beef

This mouth-watering piece of meat made the guests in the La Maison drool. Really, I saw how they look at this huge piece of meat. Their eyes and the mouth were really focused on this dish. Like some lion or tiger ready to attack. Hehehe. Funny, I cannot blame them, really. I think I had the same look as theirs. With such a nice delicious colour of the meat, and the wonderful savoury aroma that encapsulated the whole place, I’m sure that you’ll have your mouth hanging widely open too.

Baby Back Ribs

And the best of the best, the Baby Back Ribs that made La Maison the home of the best ribs! This is the dish that MUST be on your number one list when you visit here. The excellent taste of each ribs made me feel like I’m in heaven of baby back ribs. Add a little honey sauce, and I’m sure that this one will give you one gastronomic satisfaction. Truly, a La Maison’s pride!

Lastly, this experience wouldn't be complete without dessert. And the best way to end this experience is in a sweet way.

Choco Lovers Cake

It has been a wonderful journey tasting the wonderful flavours of Europe in a place I would love call my second home – La Maison.

See you again soon, La Maison! And Thanks!

Greenbelt 5
Level 3, Ayala Center
Makati City
(02) 729-9080

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