Gotta Have a Flip-Float This Summer

One Sunday morning, while I was enjoying a good Sunday serenity at the Power Plant Mall, sipping iced tea and munching some delicious churos at Dulcinea with some of my good fellas, summer slapped me hard in the face.

A very wonderful presentation popularly known as flash mob invaded the activity center of the mall showcasing Philippine theater artists' awesome talents in welcoming summer in a fun and delightful mood! Wee!

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I was really glad to be one of the few people who witnessed the said performance because this very cool gimmick in welcoming summer and  enjoying it the Havaianas way was really fantastic. Especially if you have your  own Havaianas Flip-Floats.

They are so cute and perfect as a summer partner. I will surely enjoy beach bumming this summer with this inflatable toy. And my friends will surely envy me because I'll be a view on the beach with this gigantic floating slipper! Picture here, picture there, picture everywhere! Whoopee!

So, as summer starts heating up, that flash mob was really a slap in the face. I should prepare myself for a wonderful summer escapade this year! (now, I'm excited.) And start collecting stickers to have my own Havaianas Flip-Float!

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Thanks Havaianas for that wonderful Sunday!
And thanks to Sire Arevalo for the picture above!

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