The Cramp at the 4th Week of Nestea Fit Camp Hot

One thing that I like about Nestea Fit Camp Hot is that aside from the fun and cool activities that you can enjoy inside the camp, and aside from the hot bodies that are loitering around the camp, you’ll also learn a lot of stuff from the people there.

And last Saturday, I’m so glad to attend the Hip Hop class and do the Cramp.

Oh, yeah, boiiiii!
Let’s do the dancing! Hahahaha!

I didn’t know that there’s a Hip Hop dance step called just like that. From the sound of it, I know that I’ll get tired and all. But, then again, if it’s something new that I can treasure, why not go and try it, right? Life is a continuous learning process, so might as well cope with it and enjoy the ride!

With my fellow bloggers, we joined the class and showcased our “hidden” talent and learned the said step.

It was really, really fun! I love dancing and even though dancing’s having second thought on my movements, I know that someday, I can do it! Hahaha! Think positive! Hahaha!

So without further ado, let me show you the step that we have to learn. People, let’s do the Cramp!

And here’s our presentation. I was the recording our group’s presentation so expect nothing of me. Hahaha!

We had this routine every week that after we learned the steps, we have to perform in front of Philippine All-Star, and by that, I mean, the whole teaching group all-eyes on us! Oh, if you could just see the building tension in our nerves. Hahaha. Good thing, they are so nice to us and very patient. Thanks, guys!

But unfortunately, when I get to perform in front of them, I wasn’t that successful, I think I need more that just a Saturday workshop. LOL. But still, thank you guys, I’m having a great Saturday always when I dance with y’all.

And, yeah, that night, my legs are hurting! Maybe that’s why it is called Cramp, right?

As for the other activities in the camp, here’s what I captured.

Me with Derek Ramsay again! Hahaha!

Two more Saturdays, and the final battle of the competing teams will be flying off to Boracay for the hottest summer treat brought to us by Nestea Fit! Wee!

I wish some Santa will bring me to Boracay, too! Hehehe.

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