1st Philippine Pyromusical Competition - US and Philippines

Save the best for last!

I think that’s what this whole event was really for. And I loooove it!

Last Sunday was the last day for the competitors of the 1st Philippine Pyromusical Competition to showcase their ingenuity and creativity. And to color the wonderful night sky of SM Mall of Asia were the competitors from United States of America and the Philippines.

Compared to last week’s disappointing presentation, this week’s show was superb! My mouth was left open in the air witnessing the magnificent and really amazing show!

The first country who showcased its work was the US. And I’d say that this was the best and spectacular firework display I’ve seen in my entire life. They have these fireworks which when fired up and exploded in the air, the fireworks acted as if they have their own brain that they moved so precisely and really wonderfully.

And the last part of their show was really, really great! I mean, they gave it whole lot! Gigantic explosion, colourful lights, astonishing figures that were created extravagantly.

The US will surely bring home the bacon! I bet!

One the other hand, the Philippines also gave a very good fight, a Manny- Pacquiao fight. Platinum Fireworks, the fireworks company that represented our country, also showcased some astonishing pieces. They lighted up the sky with their galaxy-like fireworks which were really surprising. They also have some cute figures up in the sky that were really wowing.

Unlike the US, Philippines’ presentation was a little coordinated. I like the timing of every firework. You can really appreciate every firework that goes up in the air. And I think that the best one that I saw from the Philippines was the firework the glows in the sky with colors red and blue, just like what’s in our flag. Really fantastic!

So, to cut this talking, here are some of the pictures that I took during the event. Enjoy!

The 1st Philippine Pyromusical Competition was a hell of a ride. Fun, excitement, disappointment, at some point, and amazement were all felt on this first ever fireworks display competition organized by our country. It was one great experience to witness all these magnificent shows that showcased talents of different people around the globe.

2nd Philippine Pyromusical Competition? Can’t wait to see it!

More pictures here!

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