Echo, Cell Phone and Orange Chicken

As Chowking, the country’s leading Oriental-cuisine-based fast food chain, celebrates its 25th year anniversary comes another delectable dish that will surely make you dance the Oh!some Chicken Dance hit – THE ORANGE CHICKEN!

Yours truly got a wonderful invitation to attend the Oh!some Orange Chicken bloggers’ launch at The Fort, Global City, Taguig with its uber yummy and talented Mr. Jericho “Echo” Rosales! I’m a fan, really! I super love Echo! Hehe.

Hosted by Chinggay and Chef Rosebud of QTV, the night was full of surprises, bloggers and cosplayers who shook their booties and got along with Echo, my Echo, to do the Chicken Dance.

One of the surprises that we had that night was the flash mob that was presented at the start of the show. A performance that made the crowd roared and made everything covered in orange. Orange confetti, I mean.

Seriously, people? Serve an Orange Chicken on our table and then after two seconds popped the party poppers that blew orange confetti to the whole lot? Not a good idea. Uh-uh.

But on the brighter side, I enjoyed the event as a whole. Who wouldn’t enjoy a night that by just dancing you could have a taste of Chowking’s latest offering for free and take home some prizes that were given away that night, such as the orange Swatch watches, orange Samsung Corby cell phones and an orange Digital Camera.

 Swatch watches winners

And in God’s grace, I was one of the lucky winners that took home an orange Samsung Corby cell phone. I got it because of my killer Chicken Dance moves and funny fish-face facial expression! Lols.

Thanks, guys! Actually, just seeing Jericho Rosales in person again after 48 gazillion years was already a price for me. But, of course, I wouldn’t mind having a new cell phone, especially if it’s a touch screen cell phone like Samsung Corby. Hehe.

Well, aside from the Oh!some prizes and delicious meal, attendees also got a chance to witness Echo danced the soon-to-be hottest dance craze in town, which is the Chicken Dance to the tune of Ke$ha’s Tick Tock.

We also got a chance to have some photo ops with the cosplayers who also shook their costume-covered booties to compete for the Orange Chicken Dance Mania, which is also part of the Chowking’s 25th anniversary. The winner of this contest will win Php25,000 in cash. Awesome, right?

To see the competing cosplayers, you can check them out on Orange Chicken Facebook account. And if you like their performance, feel free to vote for them by leaving your comments or rating their performance on Orange Chicken’s Youtube account.

So let’s smile, laugh and go to your nearest Chowking branch, have a taste of their Oh!some Orange Chicken and do the Chicken Dance! Wee!

I love you, Echo! Lols.

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