Doubled Up at the 5th Week of the Nestea Fit Camp Hot

I came in late last Saturday at the fifth day of Nestea Fit Camp Hot, so I gotta take double time in catching all the fun and excitement in all the stuff happening inside the camp.

First stop, Hip Hop Class. I was amazed to the number of the dancing campers doubled up that afternoon. I had a great time booty shaking with the guys of Philippine All-Star, as well as the campers who were so great that day! See y’all next week at the last day of the Nestea Fit Camp Hot here in Manila, and at the send off party, too!

While on Beach Volleyball and Flag Football, tension also doubled up as the competition gets tougher as it gets closer to the finals.

Players on both competitions battled up to prove who deserve to fly to Boracay to compete on this summer’s hottest happening in the country.

To share you more of all the heat that happened at this week’s Nestea Fit Camp Hot, check out these pictures that I took. Enjoy!

Oh, what an amazing Saturday again at the Nestea Fit Camp Hot! You, guys, can still join us on the camp’s last day here in Manila next Saturday, March 27!

And, oh, did I forget to mention that even the dusts doubled up last Saturday? Oh, hell, yeah! So don’t forget to wear your best sports outfit, and if you do have, bring some protective gears and sun block to protect your self from harmful elements.

 And for the send-off party, which will be happening at Encore Superclub, guys are advised to wear an all-white outfit and an all-red outfit for gals!

Hope to see y’all there! Let’s all be well and fit with Nestea Fit!

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