I Like Toasts Now!

Located at the heart of Ortigas Center, I recently discovered a simple yet very cozy place where having a a warm and tasty breakfast was like starting and finishing your day light and very relaxed.

Honestly, I'm not fan of toast. And most of the time, if toasted bread is the last food left at home, I'd rather die of hunger than to have one bite of it. That's how deep my issue with toasted bread is and that's why I'm a little hesitant to have breakfast in Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

But every thing changed when I got the aroma of those fresh bread that they were grilling and the smell of the tea that they were preparing that morning. I love that smell, and I'm somehow sure that I would like this place.

As I stepped inside the place, I found a very simple setup, business setup really, where they valued every little space they've got. I was warmly greeted by the aroma of the dishes that they were preparing that morning and by the nice morning smile of the owner and his staff.

It was my first time here, so thanks to the generous Mr. Richard Co for accommodation and all.

We had a lot of toasts on our table. If you want something simple yet very tasty, you can go to Kaya Toast with Butter or the Butter Sugar Toast. These toasts remind me of my grandmom, the wonderful flavor of the kaya toasts complement very well with the melting butter, and more wonderfully if it has sugar. And my grandmom loved having her toasts with butter.

 Kaya Toast with Butter - Php45.00 / Php75.00

Butter Sugar Toast - Php45.00 / Php75.00

And because I liked the first dish, without anymore hesitation, I tried their Chocolate Butter Toast and Peanut Butter Toast. The Chocolate Butter Toast is a combination of chocolate butter and the kaya toast which has a unique aroma that stood out. It has also this very distinct flavor that was loved by my palette. I'll add this on my favorite breakfast dishes.

Chocolate Butter Toast - Php45.00 / Php75.00

Another toast that I liked was the Peanut Butter Toast. Who doesn't love peanut butter, right? I liked it because when they served it to us, it was hot and the mouth-watering spread of peanut butter sandwiched between two hot toast was just yummy! What made it perfect was when I bit it, the crunch was there. Really, really lovely.

Peanut Butter Toast - Php45.00 / Php75.00

As for the French Toast with Kaya, I found it really, really cute! I'm sure kids would love to have this because of it bite-sized  presentation. And the very delectable spread, the coco jam with pandan was really great. I love that spread/dip!

French Toast with Kaya - Php60.00

And my most favorite toast was the Cheezy French Toast! Oh, the way thoses cheese melted on those toast was simply drooling! I guaranteed that anyone who tried this one will surely love it too.

 Cheezy French Toast - Php75.00

And another toast that kids will surely love is the Milo Toast. And you already know why, right? I find really fun to eat. A nice Filipino touch.

Milo Toast - Php60.00
They say that the best way to enjoy these toasts is to have it with these poached eggs, topped with pepper and Singaporean dark soy.

 2-pc Soft-Boiled Eggs - Php40.00

But I'm sorry, I really don't eat eggs that are not well done. But from the looks and the color of it, I'd say that it seemed delicious having your toasts dipped in those eggs.

And whether you have with or without eggs, a tasty toast wouldn't be complete without one nice hot or cold drink, and I suggest you guys that you try their Frostyz - nice cold blend that comes in coffee, tea, Milo and choco flavors. I give two thumbs up for the tea flavor. Love it, love it, love it!

  Frostyz - Tea

Their Iced Lemon Tea, too, was also fantastic! Perfect to cool you down this summer.

 Iced Lemon Tea

So, if you feel like starting your day right, have it the Ya Kun Kaya Toast way! I'm sure you'll keep on returning to this place!

Now, I'm a fan of toast now. And Ya Kun Kaya is the only toast for me. :-)

More pictures here.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
G/F FERN Bldg.,
Escriva Drive cor. Gen. Araneta St.,
San Antonio Village, Ortigas, Pasig City

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