Valentine’s Traditional Pinoy Style

If you are eyeing for a more “makabayan” type of date this coming Valentine’s Day, look no more for I have another option for y’all lovebirds out there.

I know that when this time of the year comes around, us, Pinoys opt a more European or Western kind of date for a more dramatic/romantic scene, especially if you are planning to pop up the magical question “Will you marry?”

But then again, I for one think that the traditional Pinoy style is more romantic and has a more “kilig” factor. And I know a great place to have this great idea -- Kusȇ @ Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill.


Kusȇ is also a part of the Chef’s Quarter chain of restaurants. It offers delicious Filipino dishes at a very affordable prize and in a very exquisite way.

With its simple yet classy interior and with a Filipino feel, let me share to you the dishes that I had and I recommend that you’ll try them, too.

As I usually do whenever I eat in Filipino-themed restaurant, I give my final verdict when I tasted their Sisig.

Pork Sisig – Kapangpangan – Php265.00

My grandma and grandpa were both Kapangpangan, and as the whole country knows how good Kapangpangan in cooking, so I’m really used in eating delicious food the Kapangpangan way. And with this Pork Sisig, I’d say that Kusȇ gave justice to this popular dish.

So to formally start this tummy-filling dinner, we had Paco Salad ng Laguna with Keong Puti.

Paco Salad ng Laguna with Keong Puti – Php165.00

It was my first time to eat this dish, and I was happy that it tasted really nice. Paco is considered a fern and I never thought that it tasted this good when cooked really well and matched with kesong puti (white cheese).

Then, we had our rice, the Garlic Dulong Rice.
Garlic Dulong Rice – Php95.00

I’d say with this rice alone, I’m already full. It was so tasteful and really yummy, the small fishes that you see is called Dulong. These are fresh water fishes that usually grow up to 1.1 to 1.5 cm long only. It’s like “dilis” but a lot smaller. Hehehe.

For our soup, we had the world famous Batangas Bulalo Soup.
Batangas Bulalo Soup – Php495.

It was served to us in this big bowl for photography purposes and thanks to Kusȇ staff that they’re very accommodating and helped us divide or place this in smaller bowls for our eating convenience. Nice!

As for its taste, I liked it. It was hot and yummy, really comforting. The beef was cooked really, and as I savour the soup, the mixed flavour of the vegetables, spices and beef broth was perfectly combined.

Sinugba Pork (Liempo)  – Php295.00
with Tomato and Mango Ensalada

We also had Sinugba Pork. Sinugba is the local word for grilled. And they usually use liempo or the pork belly for dish. This will taste great when dipped in to a delicious vinegar based sauce. But as for dish, I honestly didn’t find anything special about it other than then ensalada which is also a perfect match to this dish. Though, I’d say that it tasted good but nothing extraordinary about it, really.

And now, let’s go to my favourite dishes.

I love eating fish and the bigger the fish the better. That’s why I was so happy when I saw this big Pla Pla fish served on our table. By the looks of it, I know that it’s delicious.

Fried Pla Pla with Burong Mustasa – Php295.00

The golden brown colour and the wonderful presentation made me like a shark who wants to prey on a smaller fish like this one. It was so tasty especially when you add balo-balo or buro to some, or escabeche or the tomato salsa.
And the my most favourite dish from this side of town, BBQ Beef Back Ribs Adobado.

BBQ Beef Back Ribs Adobado - Php495.00

I love it! Super love it! It tasted like Patatim and Chirstmas ham combined! So delicious! You should try this one, for you to experience what I can’t say in words!

And as I was typing these words and looking at this photo again, I can help but to drool. Lols.

Oh, this Kusȇ food trip was so fantastic. But our night and dish experience will not be completed without, of course, the dessert. Hahaha! Yeah, we ate a lot!

And for our final order for the night, we had Sapin-Sapin Crème Brulee.

Sapin-Sapin Crème Brulee - Php110.00

A unique twist on this popular Pinoy dessert, and truly, I’m so glad to have this as my last dish that night.

It was a magnificent and tummy-happy night! I enjoyed eating everything!

Oh, and yeah, as you can see, almost all of their dishes are good for two or more person, so you wouldn’t have to worry if you’re date eats a lot. Lol.

Thanks, Kusȇ! I’m sure lovebirds will enjoy these dishes for the forthcoming Valentine’s Day! For sure, this is one night they’ll never forget!

Again, thanks to Mr. Larry for the accommodation and wonderful dishes! Til next time!

Level 1, Venice Piazza Mall
McKinley Hill, Taguig City


aMgiNe said...

i like the interior of Kuse ah, and the food looks reasonably priced as well. :)

erlyn of

Jeff said...

I had a great time. It's nice to get together with bloggers at these events. I enjoyed the food!

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