Affordable V-day Gift from Delifrance

I know how hard life seems to be lately, but that shouldn't hinder us in showing our TLC to our love ones. Especially on occasions like Valentine's Day, it is one of the events of the year to share and show our feeling to our family, friends and special someone. Again, Valentine's day is not just for couples, it for everybody. So, let the heart all over the world!


And with this, I found an affordable, yet so temptingly good V-Day gift for our love ones.

Presenting, the Delifrance Valentine's Sweet Pastries.

Candidate Number 1:

Frosted Cinnamon Rolls

Looks how cute they are. Hahaha! 
I'm sure that when I buy some of these for my family, my nieces are the first persons who'll enjoy this.

Candidate Number 2:

Strawberry Walnut Cookies

I don't know what's with strawberries, but my aunts really love them. I love straberries, too. Especially if they are freshly picked and big ones! Hahaha! And I think with these strawberry walnut cookies, my family will enjoy having these even if we celebrate the big V-Day at home. :-)

Candidate Number 3:

 Chocolate Walnut Croissant

Isn't it sweet that when you wake up on the sweet morning of Valentine's Day, the breakfast that is served to you is this mouth-watering pastry? I'm a chocolate lover and if a date offers me something like this, expect a trail of ants falling in line towards us. Hahaha! How sweet!

And the last but not the least...

Candidate Number 4:
Frosted Strawberry Muffins

This one caught my heart! I love cupcakes! And this looks really lovely and delicious. I wanna eat a lot of this on V-Day. (since, I don't have a date coz I'm single!) *wink-wink!
So, visit the nearest Delifrance outlet in your area now!

And don't forget to share these to your single friend  (like me!) so that all of us may have a wonderful and lovely Valentine's Day on Sunday!

Happy eating!


Abby said...

I'm salivating over these goodies! I hope my guy would see this post and just forget about getting me flowers on v-day and opt for PASTRY instead! =)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Hi, Abby!

Well, then, good luck! I hope your guy would see this. Hehehe.

Go, and send the link to him. LOL.

Ria said...

oooh..these all look yummy! sana may magbigay sa akin nito!!! mwahahaha!

aMgiNe said...

migosh nakaka sira ng diet yan friend. hehehe


peaksandedges said...

gusto ko nito! ala bang free taste hahaha!