Celebrating Valentine’s Day?

If you are planning for a very romantic V-Day, well, here’s my suggestion.

If in case you are here in Metro Manila, McKinley Hill’s Venice Piazza is the best place for you and you’re love one to celebrate this loveliest event of the year.

And if you are single (ehem, like me), feel free to visit this place with your family or single friends, too. The atmosphere in this place is so relaxing and perfectly inviting.

The first place that I recommend you to pay a visit is Old Vine Grille by Chef’s Quarter.

This place offers Mediterranean cuisine which somehow matches to the amazing ambiance of Venice Piazza.

I love the appearance of this place. It is so simple yet so classy. The staff are so accommodating that you don’t have to raise your hand to get their attention. And their silverware and china are so great. From it physical appearance, you’ll know that you’ll get the value of your money.

So for starter, try their Tessie Tomas Salad. By the name itself, this dish has so much to say.

Tessie Tomas Salad – Php295.00 and Php595.00

I love the festive colour and the taste, of course!

For something light, have a taste of their Salmon Carpaccio or their Seared Tuna Tataki.

Salmon Carpaccio – Php230.00 and Php420.00

Seared Tuna Tataki – Php220.00 and Php410.00

The salmon is really delicious. But if you are after to a more chewy food, their tuna tataki is perfect!

And now, let me tell you about their fine dishes.

First, if you or your date is on a “diet” mode, he or she can have this Baked Cream Dory.

Baked Cream Dory – Php350.00

This mushroom looking dish has mushroom duxelles in tomato-garlic coulis which made it really creamy. I really love its sauce; it wasn’t that salty neither that sweet. And the angel hair pesto inside the mushroom looking dory, made this whole dish so tasty.

Second, if your date is up for something heavy and really mouth-watering, you should both have this Chef’s Quarter Steak.

Chef’s Quarter Steak – Php420.00 and Php575.00

This three-piece steak meal gave me the burp. It was nicely grilled and the sauce was simply fantastic!

And our last meal for that night and my favourite, the Poelle Lamb Spareribs.

Poelle Lamb Spareribs – Php395.00

The first time I had lamb, I was disappointed. I find its meat so salty and kind of itchy to my tongue. But with this one, I love the colour, with those matching vegetable, though I have a doubt at first about its taste, luckily, the moment I sliced through it, the meat voluntarily separated from the bone, a good sign of a delicious lamb dish, and when I taste it with its curry sauce, PERFECT! I really recommend this one!

It was stomach-filled, diet-ruining night, but I had so much fun! Really!

And this experience cannot be complete without their sweets! A “must-have” when you come to this place and when you are on special date.

I got a chance to taste their Chocolate Gooey Fudge, and since I’m a chocolate lover, I really love this one. You must just be careful when you have this on your V-Day date because since its chocolaty gooey, it will surely stick to your teeth and will give you that funny toothless person. Lols. But if you wanna share some laugh with your date, well, then, who am I to stop you, eh? Hehehe. This is good for two.

Chocolate Gooey Fudge – Php150.00

I also had their Chef’s Quarter Surprise. A delectable cheesecake with white chocolate, the top was brulee while the bottom part was crushed Oreo. And the garnishing was just so lovely. Your female date will love this, I bet!

Chef’s Quarter Surprise – Php130.00

And my favourite dessert that night, (yes, we had a lot, really) was their Banana-Langka Crepe Samurai. Super yummy! I can have four or five of this in one night! Hahaha!

Banana-Langka Crepe Samurai – Php120.00

And to be able to take this all in, I always enjoy having Grape Shake!

Grape Shake - Php115.00

But if you have so much moolah, which I hoe you do, (wink-wink), they also have some sparkling champagnes or red wines to choose from.

So, what are you waiting for? Call on you date and reserve a spot on this very nice place. I give these whole experience two-thumbs up!

It was also a pleasure to meet one of the managing partners of this place, such a humble person! Thank you, Mr. Larry!

Old Vine Grille by Chef’s Quarter
Level 1, Venice Piazza Mall
McKinley Hill, Taguig

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