Let’s Travel Together

The moment I heard this line from the mouths of Carlton Tea Party and Fashion Show Event’s emcees Chico and Delamar of Monster Radio RX 93.1, I immediately fell in love with the idea of having a good companion while going to different places in this beautiful world.

It is so good to explore this beautiful world with your friends and family. Have a glimpse of the wonder of nature and the magnificent idea of man through their amazing architectures and arts.

That’s what I felt when I, and three of my very good pals, had our first plane-travelled, out-of-Luzon Bohol-Cebu adventure last year, and until now, when I remember those days, I can still feel the joy, happiness and excitement of that wonderful trip.

But, of course, our trip wouldn’t be as happy as it was without the help of some reliable luggage. That time, we weren’t that aware of the best and “really reliable” luggage in the market, that’s why the only reason why we picked these luggages was because of its capacity, not knowing its reliability and surviving factor.

But now, as the summer season fast approaching, thank God, that the worldwide known brand of luggage is finally here in the Philippines, a brand that will give new meaning to everyone’s adventurous life.

I was lucky to witness this launching as they showcase their astonishing products with a very travel-friendly features and fun and modern styles.

With a very chic theme for this event, a tea party, I was amazed to know that this brand has its unique characteristics that were perfectly made for travellers like me.

From classic styles, which are perfect for business travels:

To modern and fun styles:

This brand will surely sets a trend in terms of travelling style and fashion.
And, as for me, I like these two:

I’m a green lover and since the style is so modern, I can use it too for work!

Check more pictures here!

3rd Floor, SM Megamall Atrium
Mandaluyong City

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