Wanna Travel to Brazil For Free?

Wanna see the amazing Rio de Janeiro? Wanna see the magnificent skyline of São Paulo? Or just wanna explore the entire mother country of your most love flip flops?

Well, then, it’s time to shine on this wowing event brought to us by none other than Havaianas!

I first fell in love with Brazil when I first saw in Leonardo di Caprio and Claire Danes’ version of Romeo and Juliet. It was an amazing place where true love, passion and arts mixed with such an astonishing outcome. No wonder why we fell in love with Havaianas that easily.

And now, the world famous flip flop gives back to its loyal customers an adventure that they will never forget – Havaianas Happy Soles will Travel to Brazil Contest!

Last February 2, at The Stock Market, The Fort, Havaianas Philippines officially announces the opening of this very exciting contest which is open to all Filipino.

I know your feet and mind are itching to know more about this, so here it goes:

And of course, if there’s a contest there’s a prize. But in this case, PRIZES await not just for the winner but also for his/her friends! Isn’t that exciting? Wee!

12 days in these very beautiful places:

Hosted by Rhia Cruz, and contest proper presented by Havaianas Philippines representatives, the launching of this amazing event was made soooooo happy with the delicious food from The Stock Market and the über funny number of The SPIT or The Silly People's Improv Theater!

Host Rhia Cruz 


 Havaianas Philippines Reps

My dinner! 


Oh, my stomach aches because of their funny number! Good job, guys!
And because of this, SPIT’s Akong was the first one who made his piece for this Havaianas’ contest.

Unfortunately, his piece lasted for three minutes, which already violated one of the rules, so it was disqualified. LOLS.

To know more about this breathtaking adventure, visit www.havaianasphilippines.com/happysoles for complete contest details or visit the roving video booth in Lipa from February 8 to 14, Metro Manila from February 18 to 28, Cebu from March 8 to 14, Cagayan de Oro from March 22 to 28, Davao from April 5 to 11, Bacolod from April 19 to 25 and Metro Manila once more from April 30 to May 2.

So, what are you waiting for? Havaianaticos, attaaaaaaaack!

The Bloggers

Good luck to all of us!


gneth said...

san ko pwedeng isubmit entry ko?! hihihihi

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

gn3thsky, sa roving booth ka dapat magrecord ng ansswer mo para sa contest na ito.

Check mo to: http://www.havaianasphilippines.com/happysoles/willtravel/