David Archuleta on Nestea Fit Camp Hot?

Look at him…


I know, right? He looks likes American Idol 2007 1st runner-up David Archuleta!
The smile, the height, the lips, the style. He looks a lot like David Archuleta! Waaaah!

Though, I’m a David Cook fan, I still like the little David because of his charisma and very nice vocals. And seeing this Camp Hottie last Saturday at the Nestea Fit Camp Hot, oh, I can’t take my camera off of him. Hahahahahahaah!

Okay, seriously, his name, Will Alonzo, 22, a camp hottie. You can catch him every Saturday, from February 20 to March 27, 9am to 5pm at The Fort, Bonifacio Open Field, Taguig City.

On the first week of Nestea Fit Camp Hot which happened at the Open Field at The Fort, Taguig, the crowd got bigger as sports fanatics and Nestea Fit lovers attacked to the country’s summer 2010 kicker – Nestea Fit Camp Hot.

It was so nice to see people from different walks of life strut their stuff and enjoy the amazing activities prepared by Nestea.

I, myself, enjoyed an hour of hip hop dancing with the Philippine All Star headed by the Master Choreographer himself, Arnel.


Then, I got a time to take picture of the other activities which were simultaneously happening back then.

Beach Volleyball

Ultimate Frisbee

Touch Football

Beach Basketball

Flag Football

Hip Hop Dance

And one of the activities that really attracted me to this Summer Camp was the Zip.

I’ve wanted to learn this stuff and thankfully, they offer it here.

But the thought that this will be something easy to do was totally a mistake for me.

My balls got balled three times!

M*&^$% F#@+@&!!!

Next week, I’ll bring a pad or a cup to protect Mini Me. It really hurts!

But, on a lighter note, I eventually managed to control the zips after some 20 minutes. And I'm happy with that.

And as I get tired, I wasn’t totally bored strolling inside the camp because there were also some stalls which sold nice items. Like Sanuk, Beach Hut sun blocks, Rudy Project and All Star stuff.

I already have my Sanuk sandals, but when I saw this slipper, I fell in love with it. How I wish I have much moolah. Hehehe.

I also took some shots in the free photo booth available inside the camp.
It was a fun Saturday morning, indeed.

This whole event was so fun and very relaxing after a week of working. I managed to give myself something that made me energized for next week.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us and let’s get it on!

Happy summer! :-)

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