1st Philippine International Pyromusical Competition - China and UK

I wasn’t able to see the first batch of this prestigious and colourful event in the metro last February 14, but, thankfully, last Sunday, which was the second day of presentation of extravagant and wowing fireworks, I was able to witnessed it all.

I arrived around 5 p.m. at the vicinity of SM Mall of Asia, I attended a mass first at the Shrine of Jesus Christ, which was across SMX. I thought it was a huge church, but when I got inside, I found it a little crowded, though, there were still some air coming in because of the huge doors.

The mass ended at around 6:30 p.m. and since the 1st Philippine Pyromusical Competition was scheduled to start by 7 p.m., I immediately went to the seaside.

I noticed the barricades that were aligned along the streets and the signs telling that the show was about to start. And with that, people started lining up towards ticketing booth as well as I.

What I read on the their website was the General Admission ticket, which what I’m planning to buy that day, costs Php100.00. But when I got to the cashier, they told me that they were selling the tickets for Php150.00, with its promo buy one take one. I stepped back and looked around. Uhm, it seemed that night I was the only one there going on solo, and the idea of asking some stranger to buy a ticket with me to avail the promo was something I’m not planning to do. So instead, I just looked for a nice place outside the "paying" perimeter and aim at the spot where I assumed fireworks would be displayed.

Lucky me, there was a pick-up truck at the parking area facing the bay which allowed spectators to hop in and enjoy the presentation. I was one of those lucky ones who was able to setup my tripod and aimed my camera to the best angle that we had.

And, voila! Here are some my shots! Enjoy!

United Kingdom started the show. Their presentation lasted for almost 20 minutes and it was really spectacular! The second one was from China. And to be honest, I thought China, where fireworks mostly came from, would give us a great show with their New Year and everything but it seemed that everyone who attended were quite disappointed with just 10-minute-or-less show.

I wish, next Sunday, I could bring my family or some of my friends with me to witness the next presenters. And I also wish that there’ll be someone who’ll hear my wish to give me some FREE TICKETS! Heheh! I would love to feature this event here in my blog.

But if they are too deaf to hear me out, well, I have a plan B, and that is to bring Close-up toothpaste boxes to exchange for some free tickets. Lol.


See you again next Sunday!

More pictures here!


aMgiNe said...

uy ganda ng mga pictures. nice shots :)

erlyn of bluerlyn.com

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Uy, friend na kita. Hahahaha! Thanks!

dHYnNeS said...

ang galing ng shots ha!!

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

@dHYnNes, Thank you!