Nothing Beats Yoshinoya

The number one Japanese fast food chain keeps proving to the world, with its branches in Japan, United States, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and in the Philippines, that it's delicious dishes still tops the market.

Yoshinoya comes from the root word "Yoshino", which is a province in Old Tokyo, Japan and "Ya", which means house.

I love Japanese food, and thank God that Yoshinoya is just around the corner to satisfy my hunger for Japanese dishes. And I'm thanking God more because the prices here are reasonably affordable!

Last night, I was invited to a bloggers' night-out at Yoshinoya, and excited as I was, I even borrowed a DSLR camera to my office mate. (Thanks, Adie!)

At first, there was some talk about the dishes and stuff about Yoshinoya, to start a little talk between us, bloggers and the Yoshinoya's staff, or should I say heat things up.

A blogger's menu was presented to us to guide us on our orders. We were also warned that other that the food that we're going to order, there will be some side dishes that will be presented to us.

I was a little scared at first, because I'm aware how big the servings here, but since it seemed that all of us were ready for this night, we called our shot. Hehehe.

Yoshinoya, here we go!

 In our table, we ordered different dishes, so that we can share our thought and give a verdict to every dish.

At first we were presented by this dish, to heat things up.

Mixed Tempura

Even though, I still have my allergies, I tried two pieces of the tempura, and thank God again, I'm still alive and no signs of allergies as of now. The sauce made this dish really good.

Next, we had Gyoza and Japanese Fried Chicken.
Gyoza - Php70.00

Japanese Fried Chicken - Php80.00

The Gyoza, I believe, is a Japanese term for dumplings. And I like it.
But I passed to the Japanese Fried Chicken for it seems too normal to me. :-)

Then, they offered to us this next dish:

Kani Shu Mai - Php50.00

I love it! A dumpling with a twist! A kani or crab meat in the middle, I think for presentation purposes, and, for me, I found it cute! And this dish was soooo affordable! The taste was really great, plus the texture was smooth and it was chewy.

And so, without further ado to our main dish, each of us ordered something, nice. Something worth craving for, something camera-friendly and of course, something that will make our tummy really, really happy - the Jumbo Plates. Lols.

I ordered Gyudon Beef Yakinuku.
Gyudon Beef Yakinuku - Php165.00

While my table mates ordered Gyudon Chicken Teriyaki and Gyudon Ebi Tempura.
Gyudon Chicken Teriyaki - Php165.00

Gyudon Ebi Tempura - Php165.00

And since we enjoyed all the presentation, we put it together first and took some shots. Here are my shots.
Jumbo Plates

To be honest, I really had a hard time finishing it because this was a lot. But I cannot resist the delicious taste of the beef. Far more delicious compared to the other Japanese fast food chain that I had. The side veggies as was also yummy, cooked well and compliments really well to the two types of beef I had in my plate.

Well, Jumbo Plates are really for sharing, well for two to three persons, lucky me, I had it all! Hahahaha!

And if you opt a smaller meal good for one person, I suggest, you have their Rice Bowls.

I also got a chance to taste this two rice bowls:
Beef Burger Rice Bowl - *new dish*

Pork Katsudon - Php110.00

Usually, the prices of their Rice Bowls are ranging from Php85.00 to Php130.00, which was already the Super Gyudon Beef. I liked the Beef Burger Rice Bowl, and I'm sure kids will like it, too. The sweet burger-y taste and the Japanese authentic spice combine made this dish so nice.

For our drinks that night, we had tea. The Iced Teas here is enriched with Vitamin C and come in different flavours.
Iced Tea -  Php30.00/ Php35.00

I had Mixed Fruit Tea at first then I shift to Citrus Green Tea. I'd say that I liked the Citrus Green Tea more, because of its strong citrus-y flavour that pinched my tongue compared to the sweet, more like the regular red juice tea, taste of the Mixed fruit Tea.

And, of course this experience wouldn't be complete without dessert. Yes, Japanese restaurants have desserts. And I had Chocolate Mouse, while the others tried the Strawberry Mouse and Coffee Jelly.
Coffee Jelly - Php25.00
Chocolate Mousse - Php35.00
Strawberry Mousse - Php35.00

Oh, it was tummy-filling experience that I'll treasure. And I'm sure that I'm coming back to Yoshinoya not just because of the delicious dishes they offer, not just because of the affordable prices that they gave to their customers but more than anything else, the service and accommodation that they shared to each and every customer they have.

Thank you, Yoshinoya!

Ground Floor, building A, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City
63201276 / 632-1352


wentot said...

Saya naman, how do they diffeer from Tokyo Tokyo and Rai-Raiken?

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

There's nothing much of a difference actually. They are all Japanese fast food chains.

Sa lasa at presyo na lang din siguro nagkakatalo.

Animetric said...

We eat at Yoshinoya a lot and yet I was surprised to find they had stuff like Japanese Fried Chicken, Lobster Skewers, etc. :p