Thanks to, Anchor & MIHCA!

It was my first time to dine at Italianni’s. Funny, right?!

But you couldn’t blame me, because their food was really expensive. And with the economy, you just couldn’t blame me.

But then again, it is worth it – with a gift cheque, at least.

So, firstly, thanks to, Anchor and Magsaysay Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA) for the Italianni’s’ gift cheques they gave me when our team won the Connoisseur Duels - The Grand Food Battle.

I invited my long lost friend Princess Irishell to join me. Since we had not seen each other for a very long time, and dining in Italianni’s was a fun idea to start with, we took the plunge and used my winning prize. Wee!

And since, I was planning to use the entire amount of the GCs that I had, we ordered two different meals.

I ordered a lunch-size Classic Carbonara and a glass of Grape Shake.

Classic Carbonara – Php350.00

Grape Shake – Php125.00

While, Princess Irishell ordered lunch-size Seafood Cioppino and a glass of Green Mango Shake.

Seafood Cioppino – Php350.00


Green Mango Shake – Php125.00

While waiting for our orders, I gave her my Christmas gift, and thank goodness that she liked it. Then she gave me also a gift, which I also loved!

Then, after some minutes, our fresh-out-of-the-oven orders arrived.

I enjoyed their Classic Carbonara. Though, it wasn’t as delectable as I expected, it somehow passed my expectations. But still, comparing it to other Carbonaras that I had and to my “own” Carbonara (oh, yeah, I know how to cook this dish), theirs was so plain.

But I love the fresh Grape Shake. It was really, really delicious. I thought it’ll taste a lot like wine, but I was plainly wrong. It tasted a lot of grapes as compare to what I’m expecting.

On the other hand, Princess Irishell enjoyed her Seafood Cioppino. Well, from the looks of this dish, I also enjoyed it by just looking at it.

I love seafood. Unfortunately, that time I can’t have them because of my allergy.

And as for the Green Mango Shake, at first, she hesitated to have it, but when her palette, I think, manages to accept the sweetness and sourness of the green mango, she started to love it.

With service charge of almost a hundred buck, we spent the entire gift cheques and enjoyed the night dining, chatting and bonding…

It was a fun night to treasure, really.

So, again, thanks to, Anchor and MIHCA for the Italianni’s’ gift cheques!

And thanks to Princess Irishell and see you again soon, I hope! Lols.

I love you, guys! And more power!

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