kALyE jUAn – Salo-Salo Meals

A simple place that offers delicious Pinoy dishes at a very friendly price.

Last December 19, The Beautiful Ones (college friends) reunited once again. It’s been ages since we last met! Hahaha! Oh, well, almost 6 months since I saw these guys and I’m so happy to hang out with them again.

A day full of kindness, good laugh, good food, good friends and some little naughty stuff. Hehehe. It’s Christmas, give us a break! Hahahaha!

And so before we did the “naughty stuff”, first, we had to have energy, so we went at Kalye Juan. It was my first time to eat there. Though, I’ve heard a lot about this place, first-hand experience was, of course, far better.

Since there’s seven of us, we decided to have Kalye Juan’s Salo Salo Meals. A food package consists of 4 viands, rice and drinks. These packages are perfect for 4 persons.

We had Salo-Salo Meals 3 and 4. We were very hungry. Hahahaha!

For Salo 3, we ordered Pork Sisig, Bangus Kare-Kare, Laing and Sizzling Pusit. While for Salo 4, we had Krispy Pata, Pancit Palabok, Liempo Sinigang and Adobong Kangkong.

Pork Sisig

Bangus Kare-Kare

Sizzling Pusit

Salo 3 - Php900.00 (Php225.00 per person)

Krispy Pata

Liempo Sinigang

Adobong Kangkong

Salo 4 – Php1000.00 (Php250.00 per person)

I dunno why, but every time I eat in a food chain which offers Filipino dishes like Kalye Juan, Sisig is the key dish, for me, that would tell if that store is serving good food. And luckily, Kalye Juan’s Pork Sisig was really nice!

I already tasted a Seafood Kare-Kare and I liked it! But a Bangus Kare-Kare, hmmm….

Bangus Kare-Kare sounds intriguing to me. And based from their pictures, it looked deli, but when they presented it in our table, I found it so dry. Far different from what’s in the pictures. The vegetables were not fresh, the sauce/soup was too thick and the fish was somehow uncooked. Though, I’d say that the sauce tasted nice and the bagoong, too. But still, I’m somehow disappointed with this one.

The Sizzling Pusit, on the other hand, was really good. Really good. They cooked it nicely and teeth friendly!

For the Laing… I can’t really say a thing. I don’t eat Laing, same as my friends, so nobody really touched it.

The Krispy Pata from Salo 4 was also good. I liked it a lot!

While tha Pancit Palabok was too saucy for me, but it tasted nicely. The way they balanced the salty-ness of the chicharon with the sauce was really good.

Same goes with the Adobong Kangkong. I barely eat Adobong Kangkong, I don’t like Kangkong in soy sauce, but this dish here was cooked well and tasted fairly good.

And lastly, the dish that Mmmmed us, the Liempo Sinigang. Perfect! Delicious! Suuuper Yummy! How I wish I can have this everyday! Hehehe.

Our dinner was filled with good stories and a lot of laughter, and seeing my friends happy was really Christmas-y to me. I love that feeling, always!

Kalye Juan is part of our lives now. Thanks, Kalye Juan! I just that you made some adjustment with the dishes I find “not that good”.

And, yeah, thanks for the free Calamares, it was also delicious!

And for that “naughty stuff” we’re planning to do that night… Oh, yeah, we had a lot of fun going there and doing that, too! LOL!

Happy eating, guys!

CKB Center
Tomas Morato corner Scout Rallos, Quezon City
(02) 376-25-08

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