New Orleans at Fort Boni

One of the best places where you can dine in or just simply hang out in Fort Bonifacio is Bonifacio High Street -- a place where different and appetizing food stall were lined up for your hunger.

And not only that, this place is also best to celebrate some important events in your life. Important I mean – BIRTHDAY!

My superfriend, Ence, celebrated her birthday last December 17 and she treated us to this place called NEW ORLEANS.

The store has a live band playing outside, so you cannot miss it. It has colourful billboard and a bar outside for those, again, just wanna hang out.

The interior is simple, yet very romantic, in my opinion. It was like eating along the streets of Italy or Spain, where delicious foods await you.

So, without further ado, here are some of their dishes that made our night really H-A-P-P-Y!

Seared Duck and Pear salad – Php355.00

Jambalaya on the Sayou – Mixed Seafood – Php465.00

Jambalaya on the Sayou – Chicken – Php385.00

Ribs in Honey and Mustard – Php365.00

St. Peter’s Oysters – Php335.00

And for our drinks I had Kiwi Shake and my friends had Watermelon Shake.

Kiwi Shake – Php105.00

Watermelon Shake – Php105.00

As the night got happier and the groups got bigger, we had some fried chicken for late comers. Heheh.

Fried Chicken

It was a fun bonding night for us and Ence’s classmates. We laughed and ate ‘til our stomachs can’t take it anymore, which was really good.

Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear friend, Ence! Muah!

More birthdays and delicious foods to come to all of us!

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