The Best is from the Oldest!

Did you know that the oldest food store in Manila which is still open until now is just around the China town? And did you know that this oldest restaurant in the Philippines is indeed a Cantonese Restaurant.

Last Saturday, after we joined the procession of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo, my aunt and I decided to visit this restaurant. We’ve been wanting to visit this place for ages, and thank God, we both had time, money and appetite for some Chinese/Cantonese dishes.

Since it was around 4pm, we just had our merienda here in Ambos Mundos/ Wah Sun. Some 300 steps from Quiapo Church.

Ambos Mundos was established in 1888 while Wah Sun, which was just across the street, was established in 1955.

If you visit the said place you will notice that there’s a separate place for Ambos Mundos and Wah Sun, but it has one owner, I believe, and the dishes offered in Ambos Mundos are the same dishes which you can find at Wah Sun’s menu list.

You cannot miss this place for they have black pigs outside their store, which were attention grabber at some time, especially when they squeal.

My aunt and I had siopao and black gulaman. Then I also ordered some siomai for the both of us.

Siopao (Bola-bola) – Regular – Php60.00

Siopao (Bola-bola) – Special – Php75.00

Black Gulaman – Php45.00

Pork Siomai (4 pieces) – Php55.00

Their prices where quite reasonable base from their servings, and what amazed us was when we cut open our siopaos, the meat (bola-bola) inside was big, about the size of a baseball. And comparing it from the other siopao that I had before in my entire life, this one was the biggest!

I had the regular one, and my aunt had the special one, with just half of my siopao, I was already full. While my aunt managed to eat 75% of her siopao. But with the help of that delicious Black Gulaman, I was able to eat all of my siopao, plus the 25% siopao that my aunt wasn’t able to eat. No wasting of food from this store, really, because they were so delicious.

The Black Gulaman was so yummy, so tasteful. I tasted something different from their Black Gulaman, and my aunt told me that it was the green tea flavour. It was really yummy and organic/healthy. Hehehe.

And after some deep breathing and resting from that big siopao, we had the Pork Siomai, which was surprisingly delicious, too! My aunt loved it, while me just had a piece of it.

Oh, I’m sure that I’ll be visiting this place again, with my whole family or maybe some friends. And next time, I’ll try their Kare-Kare (OX Mat) and their noodle dishes.

Wah Sun
747 Florentino Torres Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila
(632) 733-67-09

Ambos Mundos
750 Florentino Torres Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila
(632) 734-11-60

P.S. Last year, my parents had their Valentine’s date here, one reason why I was so eager to visit this place, because according to them the food here were delicious and pocket friendly. Indeed, all of it was true! And I’ll be back soon!

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ray-an ask me where will we find this resto.. hmmm.. i smell date this february.. ahahaha...!