A Festive Dinner at Gumbo!

If you are in Manila, one of the best malls that you may go is the Robinson’s Place in Ermita. With its recently erected part, the Midtown Wing, this mall has almost everything.

One thing that I love about Robinson’s is that it has a lot of restaurants or food joints that you can visit and have your food tripping. May it be Asian, European or American cuisine, name it, they have it!

And last Monday night, I and my super friends, again, had a “night-out” and enjoy a very delicious South American cuisine – a Gumbo cuisine.

Wearing very colourful and stunning headdresses, the food servers here were already a feast in our eyes. The atmosphere of the entire establishment, though, I find it small, was really nice and homey. They have couches which can serve 5-8 persons and they also have movable tables and chairs which were perfect for groups and families.

Upon entering the store, one of the servers gave us this ticket saying that we can have a free treat from them once we ordered something worth 200+ or 300+, NICE!

And since we were already decided to dine here, we took one of the vacant couches and relaxed for a while then took their menu list.

The prices were quite costly, but the server told us that some of those dishes were good for three to four persons, so with our affirmative nods, the server was so happy to serve us.

We ordered Seafood Jambalaya, grande, since we were all up for a seafood dish, and I believed, it was our first time to have a Paella-like dish. Then we ordered a pizza, New Orleans’ Delight Pizza, petite, and for our drinks, we ordered Carrie Bradshaw’s famous drink – the Cosmopolitan. Ehem, ehem! ;-)

While waiting for our dinner, they served us this bread as an appetizer. It’s free!

Bread with olive oil dip

Then after some few minutes, they served us the free treat – the Onion Rings!

Onion Rings

The rings were so big. I love it! And the dip was also nice. They arrived on our table crispy, so we somehow enjoyed the free treat. Next time, we’ll have that Grilled Pork Chops.

Then, after some 5 minutes, our orders arrived.

First, the Seafood Jambalaya.

Seafood Jambalaya (Grande) – Php525.00

This dish came in a big plate, perfect for the three of us. The nice smell and the festive look were so appetizing! We can’t wait to dig in! There were shrimps, squids and lots of mussels. The rice was kinda sticky but tasted so luscious and spicy.

New Orleans’ Delight (Petite) – Php355.00

The pizza, which was placed near me, smelled really good. Though, some may find our meal contrasting, but I think, based on their tastes, the pizza was a perfect match to the jambalaya. The pizza had a lot of cheese, me likey! And since we had the jambalaya first and the pizza was exposed to the cold air, wonderfully, it was still hot and still tasted good. It sized 11 inches, not bad for its price, really.

And lastly, as for the Cosmopolitan, no wonder Carrie loves it! It was good! Oh, well, I’m not good when it comes to wines/alcoholic drinks, but I’ll say that his one tasted good. And since I liked it, I’ll try other bar’s Cosmopolitan SOON! Hahaha! And it was affordable, too!

Cosmopolitan – Php95.00

It was a fun night-out. We had full stomachs and happy hearts! Lols.
And again, Robinson’s proved that this mall here in Ermita is the best place in Manila.

Happy eating!

3rd Level, Midtown Wing
Robinson’s Place
Ermita, Manila

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